Art in All Its Glory

5 Mar 2019

When it comes to art, there are many different forms of it – some enjoy practicing art made through music, some prefer drawing or painting and some prefer capturing moments through the lens of their cameras. Regardless of which form of art is most preferred by an individual, art is always an approach through which individuals find it easier to be expressive as it allows one’s thoughts and feelings to flow freely. However, the most refined form of art is still the one that you are likely to find in art galleries.

Different Types of Art

As aforementioned, there are plenty of different forms of art. Art is neither restricted to one classification nor does it have any boundaries as to what you may call art or artsy. As a matter of fact, one visit to an art gallery would be more than enough to help you get a better understanding of what art may be – some of these include abstract and contemporary art.

Online Art Galleries or In-Person?

There are plenty of different art galleries, including online art galleries and in-person art galleries. The Funky Art Gallery is one of the best art galleries of the decade. The Funky Art Gallery is an online art gallery that focuses solely on Urban and Graffiti art. It was founded in 2010 by Joëlle Dinnage who is a Dutch entrepreneur and international art dealer. Joëlle Dinnage is also the curator of the Oxford International Art Fair. Graduating from the Saint Lucas Art Academy, Joëlle Dinnage also won the young business “Entrepreneur Award”, after which she went on to establish her career at the age of 21.

Regardless of whether you prefer an in-person art gallery or an online one, both galleries will feature countless amount of artwork that serves as inspiration and motivation to all aspiring artists, as well as those that are professional artists by profession.

Art Is Used As Therapy

The plethora of benefits that one can acquire through art is extensive and never-ending. There are a lot of things that art can do, which other forms of recreational activities cannot. Art is also used as therapy especially for people who seem to be walking a fine line between sanity and insanity, since art is the one thing that can bring reassurance and calm the mind when it is under excessive stress.

Additionally, art is also used as a form of expression for the creative minds among us and due to the nature of this beautiful thing; many people find that they can unite even the most stubborn of hearts just by paying close attention to art in all its glory. Not just that, art is also full of vibrant colors which is soothing to the eye and the mind, while many people can also let out their dark thoughts through art.

Furthermore, art in all its glory is one of the most magical things on this planet and most artists are well aware of this fact.