7 Poems by Instagram Celebrity Arch Hades That Will Enrich Your Life

24 Feb 2019

Poetry is like a biological entity whose skeleton is made of ideas, has emotions coursing through veins and nerves, and it is all wound up in an encasement of leather-tough yet delicate words. When you read the poetry of Arch Hades, you will feel how she delved into her heart and soul to cradle the expanse of emotions that would soon be measured into words.

Here are 7 breathtaking poems by Arch Hades that will leave an empathetic reader stunned:


“The ocean, like you, a sweet reverie
The ocean, like you, wild and free
Salt in the breeze, the current runs deep
The ocean, like you, never mine to keep”

She expresses how there are some people that flood our lives with the depth that flows from their being and how we would gladly drown in them. The heartbreaking part is, that these people are like the ocean and not a well. You can be enchanted by them, you can marvel at how boundless and energetic their spirit is, you can feel a forever when you step into them – but you can never keep them.


“And even though my heart is breaking,
It is for you that it’s still aching.”

Arch speaks about unrequited love. How despite the chambers of her heart being in shambles because of somebody else’s carelessness, the walls still chant the name of the lost love.


“You gave me mornings filled with bird song
And starry evenings, just us two
Constant love throughout the seasons
My heart would harden without you.”

This is a very special poem. To the reader it would seem like it’s about a human being but it’s actually about a purer entity. It’s about her dog Byron who Arch Hades named after the renowned poet. We wish more poets would speak about how pets have played a very constructive role in our daily happiness and how therapeutic it is when they come cuddle with us when they sense us feeling distressed, and sometimes even crying.

His uncomplicated and unconditional love helped her through a lot of difficult times. Once someone has extended a kind hand towards a troubled mind, the heart blossoms before it smiles. Similarly, she speaks of how her heart would harden without him.

Every dog owner thinks their dog is the best, and they are all correct. In this poem she talks about how, because she has to walk him every morning and night, all round the year which she observed brought stability and routine to her life. Something we all need during dark times.


“Autumn rain, I feel your rush
Heartache hits at our first touch.”

The barren winds of Autumn bring solitude and melancholy. They are felt instantly when they first brush against the skin. And just like the nature of this season, the state of the heart depletes when you’re in the embrace of someone who has hurt you but you love them. It is bittersweet nonetheless and we’d take the pain if it comes with the pleasure.


“Broken hearts keep breaking others
Holding on to their disdain
Not thinking twice about hurting lovers
When they’re already numb to pain”

This is a very powerful poem. It clearly says that if you are somebody who has been cut by the atrocities of Life or Love, if you do not heal them yourself, then you will bleed upon others. In other words, heartbroken people are unmindful of hurting lovers because they are numb to pain themselves and expect the same out of the other.


“And if your light goes out
I ache to be that spark
To reignite, you’ll never,
Have to feel the dark.”

The best kind of love is when one becomes the source of light and power when the other is feeling downtrodden and lowly. It’s the kind that goes forward in life and grows.


“For this, there is no remedy
A burning mist consumes my eyes
A melancholy ecstasy, why can’t these feelings die.”

Sadness sticks to you and cripples you on the inside like an epidemic. You want to wash away the grief because you don’t want to be the only one in the relationship that feels this way. The poem expresses how the aching leaves tears huddling, but being stopped from pouring, in her eyes. Yet, the pain doesn’t leave and the feelings don’t ease.