Why Being Experienced in a Lot of Fields Is Beneficial in Life

6 Feb 2019

In order to adjust to a rapidly developing world, one needs to learn the organization and acquire as many skills that can add a silver lining to their raw talent. It is imperative to be diverse while pursuing careers and moments that uplift the state of your heart. After all, where’s the beauty of life if you can’t enjoy the finer things that it has to offer?
If you are working in a firm and you need to have the edge over your office mates so that you’re eligible for that sweet promotion, you think of ways that add value to what you do. At that moment, you are automatically aware that in order to be ahead of others, you need to take the road less traveled. The best part about the road less traveled is that there isn’t traffic. Having a diverse career life not only enhances your image in the world but opens you to thousands of connections and networks.

You reel in a lifestyle that is buzzing with activity. People admire you for your drive to be developed and you gain so much maturity and information working in different industries. These all add to make you a premium human being who doesn’t make a joke out of maturity. Let’s not sidestep one of the best things about being in multiple fields and practicing different skills – the flow of money is fabulous.

An example of someone that has grown successful by acquiring multiple fields in life and is an inspiration for those climbing the ladder of success is P Tee Money, whose real name is Prince Thompson Iyamu. He’s an English DJ/EDM artist, a royal descendant of the Nigeria bloodline and he studied Aeronautical Engineering in the military. He was passionate about music from a very young age and if you listen to his hit songs on YouTube, you’ll feel the vibes of so many artists compiled into one. From George Duke to Earth, Wind and Fire – you feel like you’re on a trip to everything heavenly. On top of having a growing career in music, P Tee Money is a published author, a retired fashion model and he even had acting roles in movies like “The Mummy 1 and 2”, “Tomb Raider, and more. In the late 90s/early 2000s, P Tee Money had put his music career on hold so that he could invest his time in acting. In 2015, his first book “The Player Code” got published and the reception was so good by the readers that it encouraged him to write more extremely creative books. Today P Tee Money is the founder and CEO of the “African Film & Music Award”.

A lot of people these days are very one-dimensional in the way that they approach their career. The path doesn’t have to be the one that you have set and it so happens that more doors for opportunities open up as you grow older. Time does not stop for anyone, but time does open a lot of doors to make its presence valuable.

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