Top Entrepreneurs to Learn From

22 Jan 2019

Entrepreneurship has transformed our lives for the better by a mile. Entrepreneurs have developed products and services which are attributed to our daily lifestyles. It can be asserted that we as consumers owe a lot to entrepreneurs who continue to impact our lives for the greater good with their ideas and inventions. Entrepreneurship is all about making a difference in the lives of people while individuals have different reasons that motivate them to become one. However, the core aspect which is attributed to every entrepreneur remains the same.

They have a mighty appetite for risk. They have a firm understanding of tackling problems, optimizing with solutions and resolve issues. They work in high uncertainty and are eager to overturn the impossible. They have a keen interest in developing something which lies in their interest. Entrepreneurs like to think outside the box, stand out from the norm and inspire people on a large scale. It may be sound clichéd but most of them are running on a mission to change the world.

These people are like an institution from which any individual can learn from. You do not require to be a person of some business background or of the relevant field. You can be anyone and their advice would be compatible with your life. It does not matter. Here are some of the entrepreneurs you can learn immense from:

Sir Richard Branson – The king of the Virgin Empire continues to hit miles with his incredible ventures. With a net worth of $4.9 billion, Sir Richard Branson is one of the most ideal entrepreneurs to ever walk on the face of the earth. The Englishman is a business magnate, author, and philanthropist. He owns and runs the Virgin Group which has over 400 companies in its portfolio. His books including “Screw It, Let’s Do It”, “Losing My Virginity”, “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership” is remarkably popular.

Tony Park – The entrepreneur, author and mentor is an incredible name who has owned and managed a plethora of companies worth more than $50 million. Tony Park is a brilliant example of someone with immaculate business skills. He is the one-stop for people who wish to learn the contemporary skills that not many talks about. There are countless pieces of advice on the subject, but Tony gets to the point at once and benefits from an incredible experience managing so many companies over the years. Tony is featured in “Ignite Your Life” – a book by Brian Tracy – with his concept “Business Tribes”. He has covered this concept in detail which is enriched with the incredible experience of doing business he has amassed all this time.

Neil Patel – The guru of digital marketing is very popular among startups and entrepreneurs. Neil Patel’s blueprints and strategies have done wonders for everyone thriving in the online business sector. He has been hired by many Fortune 500 companies for his incredible advice and is continued to be looked upon as an expert. He has authored many books and runs an online blog which has incredible information for everyone. One of his most popular blog posts remains the one in which he has written a step-to-step guide of generating $1 million from a blog.

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