Why It’s Important To Plan Your Life Year by Year – The Thomas Wos Story

19 Jan 2019

There’s this stigma aligned with the career of being an online marketer that it’s as easy as posting an ad on Facebook or retweeting or it’s not demanding by nature. It’s one of the most rapidly growing fields in the world and to be successful by being an online marketer is a very tough game that’s not cut out for everyone. Thomas Wos is an icon in the online marketing industry and has spent 17 years hustling before he reached the peak of the fortune mountain upon which he sits today.

Thomas Wos developed himself so much that his vision was acclaimed by international clientele as well. Today, he has his office situated in Switzerland, Vienna, Germany, Budapest, Dubai and Tel Aviv. He has barely 60 employees and 7 freelancers globally and he intends on increasing the 60 employees to 100 by 2019.

He has an uncanny ability and passionate drive to turn his ambitions into the kind of reality that makes millions.  An investor in 2016 bought 30% of one his most profitable projects unlimited-emails.com. The shares were bought for 30 million euros. Wos has been a forerunner in online marketing and has consistently proven that his work can do wonders and it’s all boosted his success rate.

As of now, Wos’ attention is focused upon the construction of his hotel “The Wos” that boasts 3 divisions: The Wos Hotels and Spa, The Wos Luxury Residences (Villas) and The Wos Apartments. They are premium, and Wos pours his German roots into the aesthetic and prospective design of the hotel so you can imagine how grandiose the end result will be. These luxury properties are going to be located all over the best cities all over the world while the main focus will be fixated upon Dubai.

Apart from planning the launch of The Wos, he owns a Swiss company named “Wos Swiss Investments AG” which withholds around $200 million worth of assets. According to research, the $200 million that the company holds can skyrocket to $1 billion in the span of 5 years.

The growth of Wos has been staggering and inspiring. It comes from his dedication to being organized and having a mathematical mind so that every year he has the ability to beat the sky-high benchmarks he sets for himself.
He is also involved in being an advocate for the environment and he is doing it by eliminating pollution from oceans and building nature preserves in different countries. Thomas Wos is also working towards building a school in Togo, West Africa for bettering the educational standard and helping out families and children.

All Real Estates is a real estate website upon which Wos intends to invest $20 million so that it can triumph as the largest website in the UAE.

It all takes planning and learning to become bigger by learning what makes the world give back when you make something from it.

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