3 Ways to Ease Depression

16 Jan 2019

Depression can happen to the best of us, and it can come unannounced with no warning signs or trigger words in sight. Many people think that depression cannot occur in the life of someone who is generally happy or rich or pretty, etc. However, depression can captivate the mind of absolutely any person at all, causing them to feel low, sad and isolate themselves by shunning out their friends and family members. This causes an already depressed person to become even more depressed.

Another notable fact about depression is that it often never comes alone. Depression is often always paired with some other mental disorder, such as anxiety or paranoia. This makes it even more difficult for one to overcome depression alone because the mixture of different disorders causes one to become rather weak and they end up losing the willpower it takes to ensure mental or emotional stability.

However, there are some ways through which you may be able to alleviate the symptoms of the mental disorders, if not cure. Of course, not all of these ways will work if you do not practice strong feelings of positivity on a daily basis. It is an ongoing process.

1. Pick Your Loved Ones Carefully

Many people experience depression because they have too many people in their life, and it comes to a point that they do not know who their real friends are. In such scenarios, either the person opens up to everyone and regrets it almost instantly or opens up to no one at all. Narrowing down your circle for a bit and picking only one or two of your most loved people can help fight depression with a lot more ease and comfort as opposed to not doing so. Many depressed people are the ones who are always surrounded by plenty of people, with no one to really call their own.

2. Medical or Recreational Marijuana

Cannabis has long been known for its magical healing property and it is one of the best remedies that help fight depression and anxiety with the utmost of ease. Consult your local physician and get a prescription for it. Jason Washington was a pioneer and medical marijuana operator who understood the magical properties of the plant to full extent. Jason, owned and operated the largest chain of dispensaries and cultivation facilities in the state on Montana from 2008-2011 before his operation was raided by the DEA.

3. Get a Hobby but Do Not Isolate Yourself

If you have always wanted to paint or draw but never got the time to do it, this is when you should start. Take up any hobby but always ensure that you do not isolate yourself. Although you may feel like you need to spend a lot of time alone, let your friends or family members know. Only give yourself a bit of time alone but do not lock yourself up – it only makes matters worse.

Furthermore, depression is a severe mental disorder that can cause one to completely lose track of their life. It is not an easy condition to deal with so if you need help, you should seek therapy immediately.

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