Guidelines Toward Success: An Unstoppable Author With An Equally Engaging Book

14 Jan 2019

In the present day era for where people strive for a place in society, their own name or work for which they can be recognized amidst crowds of hopeful faces all wanting to achieve similar goals, not everyone is equipped to deal with such aggressiveness with a focused mind. As it is seen clearly that the internet has connected us in the most disconnecting way, the need to reach out and talk to others has become a somewhat difficult task for a person to take up. The warrant of this claim can be seen in the immense popularity of inspirational books and articles covering these heartfelt queries and problems among the population, filling the niche of what the immediate society is lacking these days.

Enter, ‘Be Unstoppable: No Excuses’ by Tariku Bogale. A book, every individual who needs clarity of mind to continue with his/her life or simply needs inspiration to reorganize his/her living standards according to a credible line of action. Following are some pointers as to how this book has the potential to positively cleanse young and adult minds alike, out of negativity and boost them to achieve their desired dreams.

1) Concentration On Agreeable Traits In An Individual

In order to make the world a better place, it is necessary in these hard times for every person to think of everyone else as a global family, and be sensible enough to not think of this as a win or lose game at all times. The title of the book might seem to deceive from this point of view as it strictly strikes out at the reader to be unstoppable without excuses, but as we go through the book the most evident thing advised by the author is compassion and sacrifice. He combines the words fight and peace in the most astonishing way as he provides an impeccable way of success which is to ‘fight peaceably’. Similarly, he preaches his unstoppable individual to stop when it comes in terms of harming people with his actions, of sacrifice. Minor sacrifices as he demonstrates in his book are sources of making compassionate relationships which is an important asset in life. Apart from that, he has also magnified the importance of forgiving, and giving hope to others, these seem like trivial issues when regarding the success of the individual but including these aspects show that in Tariku’s view, being unstoppable does not mean stepping over others, but rather being compassionate toward different relations and the society at large. These points clearly show how the author has focused on the good traits which form a human being and not just provided a headfirst approach to selfishness.

2) Development Of Personality1

Tariku’s book also shows a person the importance of self-grooming in order to achieve unstoppable success. His emphasis on mental composition, confidence, risk-taking, and balancing different aspects of life show that being unstoppable does not mean to blindly take up a task and fulfill it to its utmost extent, but the actual essence of this phrase is to groom and mold oneself. So that his life is not void of personal stability along with financial stability which building a career would imply.

3) ‘No Excuses’

These mind awakening words used in the title itself advises a person to take control of his life. Everything described in the book afterward involves the personal effort of the reader, showing that he is the sole pioneer of his life. This sort of attitude promotes self-belief and confidence.

An overall view of this book shows that it has the qualities to be a bestseller both online and offline, and it indeed does possess the words and concepts to advise the population correctly and develop a positive approach towards life for all of us.

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