Michael Blakey—Honing the Broadened Skillset

9 Jan 2019

If we talk about people who love music, there are millions of names that come up, but only a few worship it to the extent Michael Blakey does!

Blakey was born in London on 8th December 1958. After spending a few years in the UK, Michael moved to Berlin where he gave rise to a career that was set to go beyond the highest of the peaks. The London-born did not just prove his worth and utmost skill in making music but went on to showcase a diverse set of skills that would make him an idol who cannot be imitated. Today, he is a musician, a producer, an entrepreneur, a CEO, a YouTuber, and a renowned drummer. Here’s a brief story of his immense success in life.

Joining the Musical Arena

Michael was only 19 years old when Hansa Ton Studios hired him as a resident producer. At such an early stage, he got the chance to hone his skills by working with some of the most elite artists of the time. Michael worked with Glen Campbell, Luther Vandross, 2Pac, Coolio, Julio Iglesias and so many others. This gave the youngster the exposure which later helped him in life to go on and achieve even greater things. Michael even received a number of awards for his mind-boggling skills behind a drum-set.

This was only the beginning of the success story of this luminary. Between 1991 and 1994, Michael Blakey worked with Atico Records, a NY-based label, and even won the “Melody Maker” award in 1993. Records and constantly passed milestones did not give Michael any satisfaction. He wanted to go further, and achieve more! By 1998, Blakey had already launched three more companies, all of which produced and promoted music. One of the most well-known of these companies was “Platinum Records”.

Michael Blakey did not stop there. He joined hands with Bruce Gladstone and John Guidon and formed one of the most revolutionary record labels named “2KSounds”. This was the first of its kind company scouting musical talents from the internet. Another company that Blakey formed was the “Organica Media Group”. For distributions purposes, this group joined hands with Universal Music Group. Michael wanted to give the most loyal fans a unique experience. To accomplish this, he created a subdivision within the Organica Media Group, called the OMG VIP! This allowed these fans to enjoy close access to their most loved artists including Trever Noah, Ron White, Henry Rollins, LeAnn Rimes, and many more!

Other Prolific Ventures

Being into music was although satisfying, Michael wanted to expand his horizon, which is why he launched the company, “Electa Star” bringing clients like Billy Bob Thornton, Jimmy Connors, Brett Butler, and more! Michael was far more than just a visionary. In addition to being a television producer, Blakey is also a YouTuber where he showcases the rich life that he lives in a highly motivational manner. Michael was far too intelligent to use this online platform for showcasing his life. He used YouTube as a medium where he could freely practice the art of videography, another skill he plans on honing.

In a nutshell, Michael Blakey is a drummer, a musician, a producer, a YouTuber, and a lot more! Learn more about his brilliance and unprecedented achievements by visiting www.michaelblakey.com.