An Exciting Approach for your Health with Muay Thai Program

24 Dec 2018

Health and fitness are now more popular than ever. Our generation is always worried about looking good and feeling even better. Keeping our health is a priority, mainly because there are so many health disruptors nowadays. The food we eat, the daily stress, a sedentary work, digital entertainment, and fast food combine together to increase the incidence of cardiovascular and metabolic disease in our population, and the least we can do against that trend is becoming conscious of our physical and mental health.

Martial arts are an excellent way to do both at the same time, as they work out not only the body but the mind and the emotions. That’s the case of Muay Thai; a revolutionary martial arts discipline originated in Thailand. Muay Thai is unique in its kind because it does not only involve a particular type of body movement or strike. Instead, it comprises all of the body at the same time, with a complex combination of kicks, hits, and blows that will make your whole body move along.​

Muay Thai has been regarded as one of the most demanding martial arts, and it is quite challenging for those who are just starting to learn. However, in our training camps in Thailand, we know how difficult it is to start and try to turn learning Muay Thai into a fun and exciting experience for foreigners and beginners. After understanding the basics of Muay Thai in our training camps, the road of learning will become easier, and the multiple health benefits will start to pop up.​

In a medium to advanced session of Muay Thai, people would burn a lot of calories. Some would spend around 700 calories in just one session, which is beneficial for those who are looking to improve their fitness by reducing body weight. But Muay Thai is not only a weight-loss martial art. It brings benefits to your cardiovascular, metabolic, and mental health as well.​

This discipline is especially demanding to your heart and cardiovascular system. That’s why some people would find it challenging. However, it builds up your endurance by strengthening your heart and improving the function of your arteries and veins. Your cardiovascular health will be enhanced, and you will start feeling less tired as your stamina levels go up.​

Another health benefit Muay Thai has to offer is a progressive control of blood lipids, which contributes to cardiovascular health as well. You will achieve a better balance of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, control your blood sugar, and fight off insulin resistance, all of which are metabolic health benefits that will steadily reduce the incidence of several diseases such as type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease.​

Your mental health will also be proportionately enhanced. Training Muay Thai with Suwit Gym for good shape builds a stronger and measured character, contributes to patience, self-control, and self-awareness. In our training camps, Muay Thai is a fun martial art, and it will strongly improve your mood, reduce your risk of depression and many other mental health issues.​

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