Why You Need to Pick Up a Book Today

19 Dec 2018

Several people tend to think that the only time they need to pick up a book and actually read through it, is when they’re appearing for their exam or that really difficult test that forces them to study hard. However, this is one of the leading reasons why people tend to be depressed and can even lead them to feel like their thinking capacity is restricted and does not allow them to learn more things.

Pick Up a Book

When you pick up a book and you read that book, regardless of whether it is a book based on fact or fiction, you allow your mind to become enhanced and a lot sharper than it is prior to reading a book. Many people call reading books ‘boring’ and would not give two cents to the thought of picking up a book and enhancing not just their vocabulary, but their thinking capabilities too.

Needless to mention, this is the worst possible thing you can do for yourself. There are so many great authors in the world that have written millions of books and really useful material in order to help their readers. When reading, one does not just have a connection with the storyline of the book. The connection is personal and even develops between the reader and the author.

Millions of Options

If you feel that a story is dull or boring, choose another book. Among all the billions of books that you can find in any library or book store, there are bound to be some books that interest you. If you are not a fan of fictional books, pick up a book by Caesar Rondina who is an author and a former paramedic and has written various books from his own experiences in life. Other authors of the same nature include Tina Fey, Qanta Ahmed and Wendy Kopp.

Never forgo the opportunity to read a book simply because you feel that it is a waste of time. By the time that you are done with the book, you will feel like you have learned something new and will see positive change in you and your surroundings as well. Trust and try it!

Statistically Proven Facts

If you feel as though you have nothing to gain by reading books, it should interest you to find that statistics have shown that there is a strong relation between reading books and intellectual capacity. Not only does reading enhance several different areas of the brain, but they also help sharpen your intuition which helps you make better decisions. Reading books also helps you be positive, while giving you a sense of different characters that you are bound to meet daily.

It preaches independence, imaginativeness, patience and toleration for the people around you. It also helps you become a better individual in general. Thus, if you feel like you don’t need to read in order to be a better person, you should pick a book up and see for yourself!

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