How to Transform Your Passion Into a Career in Writing

20 Nov 2018

The world is in a stage where content is fundamental to any business, and those with a passion for writing have countless options. To generate interest from potential consumers or clients, these businesses must provide valuable and high-quality information. By doing so, the company builds trust and rapport. Therefore, whether writing about the process of fixed-price conveyancing or blogging about a interior decorating tips and tricks, content creators play a central role to the success of practically all types of businesses in every industry. If you have a passion for writing, it is possible to select from a wide range of business sectors where specialization in topics increases your attractiveness to prospective employers. For those with an interest in the legal industry, a career in court writing is a great option. Individuals with a passion for technology and the digital world can take on thematically-related writing jobs. Here are a few paths writers can take to turn their passion into a career.

Court reporter or typist

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, court reporters earn an average of over 55,000 dollars a year. Although the prospective growth for this career path is three percent lower than the average for other careers, the low entry barrier and well-paid nature of the job makes it attractive to individuals looking for high-paying activities that do not require a four-year degree. Also known as court transcriptionists, the court tasks these individuals with creating verbatim transcriptions of trials, dispositions, and other proceedings. Other activities include translation services and captioning for television. These actions generally take place in the courtroom but may also include business or communication environments. Court reporters will use electronic and audio equipment, including stenographic machines and voice writing, to transcribe speech into writings.

To become a court reporter, interested parties will need to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. Afterward, a student may apply to a community college or postsecondary school to obtain a certification in court reporting. Depending on the state, students may also need to pass a professional exam. Court reporters need to have highly developed listening and writing skills and work in an environment that does not allows errors in spelling or grammar. They must also have great computer typing skills, as the government requires professionals in the industry to type at least 225 words per minute. For those with a combined passion for law topics and writing, court reporting is a great career choice.

Court reports hold jobs in state and local governments, supporting businesses, or as self-employed individuals. While most will work in the court system, others serve as specialists in legal firms or legal services companies that work closely with the justice system. Many are hired as outsourced freelancers by law firms or businesses on an as-needed basis. As is the case with court reporters in West Palm Beach, some will work for an organization that provides services including court reporting, videotaped dispositions, high definition video conferencing, remote testimonies, and interpreters, among many others. The justice system’s expansion in the use of technology including video conferencing and the internet should positively impact the number of jobs available, creating a high demand for trained personnel.

Legal writing

A legal writer produces material for organizations that work in the industry. As with any type of activity involving written communication, an individual should be capable of expressing clear and concise ideas following logic and sequence. Jobs in this sector may include writing briefs or performing the duties of a legal analyst. Editing also encompasses this area of writing. This type of work is generally subcontracted or outsourced, and anyone with a clear understanding of legal language and high writing skills can obtain a job in the industry. For non-outsourced work, businesses typically look for prospective employees that have degrees in communication or journalism. Highly specialized sectors of law may need someone with a law degree. Nevertheless, neither is a requirement.

Job prospects in this sector of the economy are varied. Specialty magazines, publishing houses, and law firms are constantly looking for qualified individuals to write about legal affairs. In terms of the labor market, the writing sector is also expected to grow by 10 percent, which is faster than the average pace. Nevertheless, individuals who have chosen this career path are good writers with great spelling and grammar skills, both of which are required by court reports to exercise their duties. A person with this skill set probably has a high school diploma and has most likely taken some college courses. Therefore, the minimal legal requirements for pursuing a career in court reporting are already met. This type of worker is also likely to have contacts within the legal system and the courts, and is well equipped to succeed in such an industry. This indicates that the shift from outsourced writing to court reporting is minimal.

Freelance content

In today’s growing business environment, it is hard to find a company that does not have a presence on the World Wide Web. The fact is, many online services have made it easy and inexpensive to create a website. Some content management systems (CMS) like Joomla even make the process of managing content simple. But, having a website is different from owning a marketing platform that consistently generates leads over the web. Doing so requires a commitment to creating valuable information. This is an important distinction because writers make the difference. Content is a highly valuable asset, and this is created by those that write, thus providing some freedom on the topics that they choose to write about. Writers have a choice of topics. These can be as broad as technology or as specific as writing about butterly pattern trading strategies to help those who are interested in day trading.

When done well, people looking for products or services online will come across many websites. If a site has content that is adequate, relevant, and valuable, it will be ranked higher on the search results, thus increasing the probability of being found. If the content is valued by the prospective client, the website owner now has a better chance of closing the deal. This means that good content writers are critical for all companies looking to have a web presence. Job seekers can look toward these types of activities. However, most of these will entail working independently, as they are mainly outsourced and freelance positions.

Making a living as a freelance writer can be difficult. While it can be profitable and there are many advantages to working for yourself, there is also a lot of competition and finding the right client is only half of the job. The rest is making sure that others do not lure your client away from you. There are also the legal aspects of running a business that includes paying taxes on income and handling the legal paperwork for self-employment. For those with the desire to work for themselves and earn their own paychecks, this type of activity may be the perfect opportunity to start a company and obtain their own clientele. Nevertheless, not all people are built for entrepreneurship or handling the development and maintenance of relationships to keep a customer happy. Ultimately, if you have a passion for legal topics and have the skill set for court writing, you also have what it takes to be a court reporter.

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