The Best Jobs for Trade School Grads

17 Nov 2018

Some people were made to work with their hands. They’re simply not happy sitting behind a desk, working for a boss and alongside co-workers who are pushing papers and are stuck inside. If you can relate to this, you’re probably more interested in learning a trade than attending traditional post-secondary school.

Your chances of success are best if you attend a trade or vocational school. Here, you can learn the ins and outs of a specific skill so that you can successfully navigate the job market and make a great living. This education not only introduces you to higher learning in your field with all the latest technologies and procedures, but it also teaches you how to start a business so you can be your own boss.

If you’re going to enter a trade business, you should understand how to stay ahead of the competition. Trade school grads have their work cut out for them to carve a unique niche with their talents and skills, and you can’t go into an oversaturated market and hope to succeed.

With that in mind, consider these options when deciding your vocation.

Electrical contractor

As an electrical contractor, you’ll work with both homebuilders and homeowners to make sure their wiring is in tip-top shape. Often called electricians, these experts are in high demand because they work with dangerous electrical wiring that you don’t want to handle if you’re not an expert. Therefore, few people try to do it themselves. Homebuilders and contractors alike will always call on an electrical contractor finish a home improvement job.

HVAC services

Both homeowners and general contractors are in need of HVAC services, and it’s a career that’s in high demand. If you know your way around air ducts and enjoy the idea of increasing efficiency and comfort in any home, this is the perfect career for you.

You could be an HVAC contractor who installs heating and cooling systems, or you could be a retail expert who sells the supplies to contractors. As an expert in your field, your customer service will be unparalleled, and you shouldn’t have any problem maintaining repeat business.


Homebuilders get to express their own creativity while working with their hands. It’s one of the most satisfying jobs there is because you can literally see the results of your hard work unfolding before you.

Construction is a highly competitive business, and only those who find a gap in a community and fill it with their services will survive the race. Don’t find a market that’s already saturated with homebuilders, or you’ll have a difficult time keeping up.

There’s a great need for home builders in Lake Orion, MI, but it’s far from the only place that could benefit from your services. You can begin a home construction business anyplace where the building market is good, and your services should be in high demand.

Forklift dealer

Forklifts are vital to the operations of any corporation or small business that warehouses large volumes of products. There’s a surprising demand for a good forklift dealer, and if you know your way around these machines, you can start a profitable business selling them to other businesses.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the trade, consider visiting a forklift dealership near you. If you’re in Massachusetts, a professional forklift dealer in Agawam, MA, that could probably answer your questions and help you learn a little more about opening your own dealership.

Auto body repair

With more than 6 million car accidents occurring in the United States each year, auto body repair is a highly demanded skill. Very few people can do auto body repair at home because they don’t have the tools or expertise. This makes professionals in this field very popular, particularly if you’re good at what you do.

You can specialize in handling car accident repair or making exterior improvements to standard vehicles. To learn more about the services that you would offer as an auto body repair technician, search online for reputable shops throughout the United States.

Take a look at this auto body repair shop in Newport, OR, as an example. It will give you some great ideas about what services you should offer as well as concepts to consider for your website and marketing approaches.


Painting is a simple DIY project, but many people prefer the clean lines and expert work of a professional. It also saves them a lot of trouble, making your skills highly sought after.

If you want to be a successful painter, it’s important to be willing to offer outside painting services. You should also be unafraid of large jobs in commercial areas, as these will be among your most profitable gigs and will often involve your most frequent customers.

For example, many people looking for exterior house painting in Massachusetts are hiring painters to cover their commercial buildings because in the big city, there are fewer single-family residences and more businesses and apartment buildings. You can make a killing offering your services in this category.

Scrap metal recycling

People are always looking to get rid of scrap metal. Most will take it to a landfill where it will not only add to the growing problem of pollution and mounds of garbage, but it will also go to waste. Recycling the metal is the solution to a cleaner environment and less junk in your backyard.

By offering to take people’s scrap metal off their hands, you can help your community while making a comfortable living. This company that does scrap metal recycling in Newark, NJ, gets a lot of work because they offer to pick up the scrap metal from a client’s house. This is a very attractive service, and it can help you win out among competitors in the area.

Siding contractor

Depending on the type of siding a home has, it will need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years. Therefore, these services will always be needed. It’s complex enough that most won’t attempt to install siding on their own, but would call for a quality contractor such as yourself to handle the job.

Siding contractors do best when they’re located in an area with a lot of residential neighborhoods. For example, this northern New Jersey siding contractor chose its location outside of the big cities because their biggest clientele comes from the suburbs. Limiting your competition and going where the clients are is your best chance for success.

Flood damage control

In areas where flooding or heavy rains are common, you can offer a great service to your community with flood damage control. Restoring a home and saving a few memories is likely to be priceless in the eyes of your customers.

Learn what you can from companies that have succeeded in this industry. For example, this company that does water and flood damage cleanup in Harrisburg, PA, has excellent branding and a good reputation among its clientele. You can learn a lot from successful companies such as this about working in a specific environment while providing a service that’s truly useful to the area.

As you can see, your options for navigating a successful trade business are endless. If you do your research and learn from companies who have gone before, you can set up a thriving business doing what you love.

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