Things to Know as A Player on Khelplay Rummy

14 Oct 2018

Many players of rummy come across Khelplay Rummy and wonder whether they should create an account and play or not. This is because they do not know much about the site and so hesitate to create an account. Here we have shared all information that any player at Khelplay Rummy should be aware of. The knowledge of these facts helps players gain confidence in the site. Here are some of the prominent facts:

Why Khelplay Rummy is the Best Choice for Online Players?

If you are an online rummy player and are looking for a good online website where you can play rummy online, Khelplay Rummy is surely the best pick. Here are the countless merits of playing rummy on Khelplay Rummy:

  • You can play any of the multiple variations available on Khelplay Rummy. This means you will surely find your favourite variation of rummy card game on this site. Here are the different variations available on this site:
  1. 10 Cards Rummy
  2. 13 Cards Rummy
  3. 21 Cards Rummy
  4. Pool Rummy (101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy)
  5. Deal Rummy (Best of 3 Deals Rummy, Best of 2 Deals Rummy and Best of 6 Deals Rummy)
  • This is one place it is legal to play rummy with cash. You may even end up making some quick bucks here.
  • The website as well as the app is designed in a user-friendly manner so that anyone can easily access it and play the game online.
  • The app allows players to play with or without cash.
  • There are countless interesting tournaments launched by the site to maintain the interest of the players.

What are Special Benefits You Enjoy as A Player on Khelplay Rummy?

Playing on Khelplay Rummy also has several added benefits worth listing out. Here we have mentioned some of them:

  • The site offers practice chips to every individual who creates and account on Khelplay Rummy.
  • The practice chips are completely free of cost and renewed as soon as the present chips are over.
  • Special bonus points can be availed simply by inviting your friends to join you at Khelplay Rummy.
  • All the information you provide to the site are completely secure and you can be assured of their adherence to rules.

Is Playing Rummy for Cash on Khelplay Rummy Legal?

Traditionally, to play rummy with money has always been assumed as gambling. This is the reason why playing rummy with money is s till regarded as a taboo in many places. This is not the case when you play with real chips on Khelplay Rummy.

On Khelplay Rummy, you can deposit cash into Khelplay Rummy account and play rummy online for cash. If you win, the real chips you get can be encashed and withdrawn from the Khelplay Rummy site. This means you can legally make a few extra bucks by playing rummy on this website.

How Does A Player Get Refunds at Khelplay Rummy?

Khelplay Rummy has a clear-cut refund policy. It allows refund requests only in cases where cash has been credited accidentally or erroneously. You need to send a refund request in any such case. Khelplay Rummy will first investigate the truth of the transaction and refund money only when it had been accidentally credited.

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