What To Do When You Get to a DUI Checkpoint

25 Sep 2018

DUI checkpoints are legal in California. They can be annoying if you had nothing to drink that evening, or they can be dangerous if you even had one beer. Here are some tips from a DUI lawyer Van Nuys on how you should behave at these locations.

Approach Slowly

When you see a checkpoint, you should slow down and get ready for the police. You should not attempt to pull a U-turn, especially an illegal U-turn. The cops will keep an eye out for people who avoid the checkpoint and will pull you over. This makes them assume you had something to drink, and you may need to contact a DUI lawyer Sacramento shortly.

Get Documentation Ready

As you wait for the cops to speak to you, get your driver’s license, registration and insurance ready. At this point, you need to remain patient.

Be Polite But Do Not Volunteer Information

When your turn comes, hand the police officer your materials and keep the window rolled down. As the officer looks at your materials, he or she may ask you some questions, such as, “Have you had anything to drink tonight?” If you genuinely had nothing to drink, then you can say, “No.” However, you do not have to answer more prying questions into where you were or where you are going.

Refuse a Car Search

In some cases, the police may ask to search your vehicle. You are well within your rights to refuse. The cops can only search your vehicle with a warrant or with probable cause. As an example, if you have empty beer bottles rolling around the front of your car, then that would serve as probable cause you had something to drink and warrant a search.

You just need to be polite, patient and straightforward when at a DUI checkpoint. The right attitude can affect whether you will need to hire a DUI attorney in the near future.

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