3 Ways How Staying Mindful Can Boost Your Health

14 Sep 2018

If you’re wondering what aspect of your well-being to work on next, focus on mindfulness.

Why? Because it’s such a simple practice, that’s the opposite of complicating our lives. It’s all about spending time in the present, instead of going back to painful memories or making too many plans about the future and thus bringing unnecessary stress, anxiety and negativism.

To be mindful is to be free of anything that’s not happening right now, simply because you know that the present moment itself is enough. 

As a result, you stop expecting too much from other people, which gives you the chance to truly enjoy their company and spend some quality time together.

It also leads to finding contentment and peace.

1. You think more clearly.

Judging, criticizing, expecting, fearing, doubting – all these distract us when we’re trying to work on something important, to make a big life choice, to get creative and think of ideas, or else.

By being mindful you overcome such unpleasant emotions and mental habits and can think more clearly than ever.

That means boosting your focus and work performance and becoming more conscious and taking adequate decisions.

2. It eases pain.

Because mindfulness means emptying your mind of all random thoughts (which are the most common reason for all anxiety, depression, or else), you can even alleviate pain.

Using the power of your mind, focusing on the place where it hurts, be it a headache, an upset stomach, or even muscle soreness after a workout, you can breathe deeply, let oxygen get to that part, and imagine how you’re exhaling all the pain and pressure that’s been there for some time.

Staying aware can not only deprive us of unpleasing sensation. It can even give us tremendous orgasmic sensations during the intercourse with our partner!

3. It improves your sleep.

Getting the rest we need at night is crucial for being energetic and in the right mood the next day to get things done and go after our goals.

But it’s not always easy to fall asleep at night, to stop overthinking anything that happened during the day, and to actually get your 8 hours without being disturbed or waking up too often.

Mindfulness meditation before bed can help a lot. Close your eyes and ignore everything around you. Imagine you’re at a peaceful place. Breathe deeply and empty your mind. Focus on your breathing for a while until you relax your body and mind.

Then, concentrate on each muscle separately. Imagine how it’s tensed, but after exhaling it’s relaxed.

While in bed, put a light smile on your face and prepare mentally for getting a good night’s sleep.

Know you’ve done your best for the day, and that tomorrow comes with many new opportunities. Be positive about what’s to come, the tasks you should do, things you need to learn. If these are the last thoughts in your head before you fall asleep, then you’ll be in peace and won’t have nightmares.

Once you’ve slept enough and sound, be sure that tomorrow morning you’ll not only kickstart the day, but be super productive, present for the whole day and in a pretty good mood and able to focus effortlessly.

If you haven’t given mindfulness a try simply because you didn’t know how much it could improve your life, now’s your chance.

Let’s get 1% better and more mindful daily!

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