PVC-U Vs. Timber Windows, Which Is Best?

4 Sep 2018

Windows addition matter a lot on any house for its look. PVC-U and Timber windows are commonly used in houses, but people don’t have a grasp on these two terms; PVC-U and Timber windows, even when they are not living in the 30s house. Having windows in your house and you want to replace them with the classical ones, then which sort of windows would you adopt? Either PVC-U or Timber?

Don’t you know? In this article, we will demonstrate whether PVU-U windows suits you or Timber. We will start our discussion with some FAQs most people are unaware.

Does Timber Offer Double Glazing Features?

Majority of people believe that only PVC-U windows have double glazing features and timber windows are only single glazed. This belief is beyond the reality! Timber windows are also available with double and even with triple glazing features. You can relish beautiful and energy efficient timber windows without any doubt!

Does Timber Windows Blight Swiftly?

The estimated lifespan of timber windows is around 60 years and PVC-U have almost twice of it. But, PVC-U windows become brittle and decolored due to sun exposure that can’t be repaired. Unlike PVC-U, you can repair and repaint timber whenever you want. Several pieces of evidence proved that timber maintenance can last the wood windows to use them for almost a century. Now, it’s up to your choice which one you prefer.

Will PVC-U Enhance Your Home’s Value?

If you are living in a conservative area, then PVC-U windows would become irresponsive and can devalue of at most $20,000 of the total home value. According to the survey report of English Heritage, apathetic windows and doors replacement is the biggest reason for the devaluation of any house in conservative areas. Various realtors also demonstrate the decrease in house’s value due to PVC-U windows installation, especially in these areas.

Which Sort Of Windows Is More Affordable?

As we discussed, PVC-U windows can’t repair and maintained again unlike timber windows. Timber windows are inexpensive as compare to PVC-U, but its maintenance cost increases the net cost spend on it. If you consider the value that timber repainting and maintenance would add to your house, then you will definitely prefer timber windows.

Windows Favorable For Your Kitchen

A high-quality timber would be preferable for doors and windows for both home buyers and home sellers. Several kitchen styles also suggest timber. Why? It is because the lavish styles require paint and maintenance whenever you have to change the style. In case of PVC-U installation, you can’t repair and even repaint on it. That’s why timber is adopted to accomplish this desire.

Consulting before implementing is mandatory because sometimes a minor issue can create more problems. For example, the problem of color contrast between the exterior and interior walls. As a DIY, you can easily add windows of your choice as the above-mentioned guide is enough to demonstrate the difference between two distinct materials (timber and PVC-U) used in windows and also on doors.

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