Why The Success Of Your Business Depends On Big Data

26 Jul 2018

Businesses have access to large amounts of information that comes from inside and outside the firm. This information, generally described as “big data,” can seem overwhelming because of its volume, making it difficult to organize and interpret.

Big data also has a time-sensitive component. It often contains information that has can quickly become obsolete, so it demands real-time analysis.

Variety also characterizes big data, creating compatibility issues. However, with the right tools, you can unify audio, visual and text formats within a single system.

Generally speaking, an effective big data strategy will collect and analyze all your data streams in a timely manner. The insights you gain can create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business in the following ways.

Respond to changing markets

Almost overnight, technology can change and quickly reverse the fortunes of businesses and entire industries. Similarly, economic and social forces can quickly change the way customers think and act.

Data analysis tools can uncover emerging market trends and shifts in consumer behavior before they affect your business. Consequently, your business can proactively embrace such changes, leveraging them as assets rather than reacting to them as threats.


Big data analytics can help you personalize every interaction between your business and your customers. For example, the insights you gain can help you segment your email list. As a result, you can send marketing messages that have personal relevance to your recipients.

You can make your business more successful by using big data to identify customer-specific upselling and cross-selling opportunities. By making shopping with your company more pleasurable, you will see a natural increase in revenue and customer retention.

Customer service

Big data analytics can sift through mountains of internal and external data to discover what your customers need. You can directly apply this information to your customer service operation, to ensure that you always exceed their expectations.

Additionally, through real-time reporting, you can assess the performance of your team. As a result, you can resolve bottlenecks and other pain points that would otherwise detract from your customers’ experience.

Cost reductions

Although your big data strategy requires time and money, you can expect to recoup your investment through cost savings. Your systems can automate real-time data processing, reducing your human resource requirements.

Meanwhile, big data can help you identify invalid and irrelevant information from your systems. This can reduce your data storage costs while improving the accuracy of the information you use for decision making.

Reputation management

Social media means that everyone in your global audience has a voice. In other words, in many ways, what people say about your business and brand can dramatically affect your success.

You can use big data to monitor and shape the reputation of your brand. In addition to direct mentions, your big data can uncover contextual cues that reveal important details about customer sentiment.

In conclusion, the way you use big data in your business will determine your success. When you have the right tools in place, you can stay ahead of trends and respond quickly to threats. If you ignore big data, you risk becoming a victim of market tumult. So, right away, get started developing an effective big data strategy for your business.

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