Six General Rules of Engagement For a Great Party

14 Jun 2018

The people invited to a party are not the only ones that make it memorable and worth its time. It’s also about careful planning and budgeting. It’s not just about the cheap party supplies too, though. A good party is one where fun is the main aspect and no killjoys, participants who do not want to join in and enrich the fun for everyone, are present.

If you’re planning a great party of any kind, make sure to take note of the following to guarantee a successful and fun event.

All Dates Are Final

When planning a party, set a date where everyone agrees to arrive. If someone cancels, don’t move the party date in their favor. Your set date is essential because it determines the amount of time you can buy cheap party supplies, order the food or schedule a catering service, reserve and design the venue, and other aspects that require a definite schedule.

Invite at Your Risk

The more the merrier, as the old saying about celebrations go. However, even if there are over a hundred guests to a party, if all of them are killjoys who only went for the food or for a quick visit, then it’s not a party at all. Invite people that you believe will add the essential fun and exciting spirit. These people you need should have a spirit of fearlessness and participate in all the activities.

Design the Venue a Day Before

Order all your cheap party supplies and other decors a week before the party begins. Design the venue never on the date itself even if the party starts in the evening. Setting up everything by yourself or even with a team of friends will take hours to achieve the styled venue you’re looking for. After you create the venue’s design, you can then safely review it the next day and add enhancements or improve areas you may have missed.

Limit Audience’s Behavior for More Fun!

Aside from games, a fun way to have every participants acting silly and contributing to the fun is to limit the audience’s behavior. You can ask them to never speak any common word for the duration of the party or there will be hilarious consequences. For example, no one can say “um” when speaking or else they need to slam pie on their face (or take an alcoholic shot for adult-oriented parties).

Reserve a Gift-Opening Area

Most children’s parties, bridal or baby showers, and even birthday parties schedule a gift opening activity as part of the itinerary. This allows both participants and celebrants to enjoy each other’s reaction upon opening the well-thought-of gift from people close and special to the celebrant. You can reserve this area in the same place you ask participants to deposit the gifts.

Enjoy and Be Merry

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun as the planner of the party. Anyone who participates in a party and sees the organiser not having their own smiles will feel let down and a nuisance. Because you’ve led everything, lead your last responsibility with a true smile and a go-getting attitude that participates in all the silly, serious, and fun activities you’ve planned for your guests.


Parties are always fun if there are people willing to exude their own merry-making personalities into the mix. It’s not the expensive decors, food taste, or the wine that makes a party amazing. It is careful planning, great guests, and fun activities anyone can do and join. As a last reminder, make sure to send out your invitations two weeks before the event to make sure your fun loving participants take the time off and participate in your merrymaking activities!

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