5 Outdoor Summer Design Trends

2 Jun 2018

Designers say that homeowners are shifting to new trends of the exterior of their homes. They want the same comfort in the outside of the home as the living room. Outdoor comfort is more than just plants and lounge chairs spread on the porch. Just like remodeling the interior of the house, the exterior should also have a trendy and fashionable design. Here are some exterior designs that should be done away with and the way they have been replaced.

1. String of Light

These exterior lighting designs are too cutesy looking and are being overused in homes. Furthermore, there are the warning is that the lights have an unattractive glow when the filament is exposed. Designers have moved to shaded fabric for exterior fixtures to attain the grown-up glow. Incandescent light bulbs can be randomly placed indirectly and low during highlights and special moments. There are battery operated dewdrop and fireflies lights that can be placed in old wine bottles to give the appeal of wide open space with stars.

2. Inelegant Bulk

Exterior sofas, including the brown or blocky chairs are supposed to be done away with. The period in which heavier weaves in darker shades and thicker frame and furniture style were in fashion is over. Same applies to the metal chairs and sofas which make relaxing a difficult task. The inelegant bulk have been replaced with the better fine-boned furniture. The exterior of the home can be successfully made an extension of the interior by use of newish décor method aligned with the fading appearance of behemoth finishing.

3. Bright and Stripes

Other designers see the stripes as boring and should be left behind especially now when there are options which include good performance-fabric. The patently “decorative and more-ornate patterns are wears out easily with time. Instead, homeowners have begun moving to neutral and urbane palettes. Mellow papaya and marine shades are far softer than the turquoises and bright oranges shades. Also, light wood furniture is relaxing and refreshing if they are covered in linen fabric.

4. Horticultural Jumbles

Homeowners should stroll off from the spill and thrill approach of planting in containers. Mixing variety in a pot and use of zinc planters in vessels is a violation of exterior decoration rules. Therefore, homeowners should try planting one species in a single container with large strokes of painting for a modern, fresh and impactful composition. If fewer species are planted in every pot, then there will be reduced potential problems.

5. Midcentury Mania

Thin Midcentury metal outdoor furniture despite being resurged in 2017, is losing its appeal. They were popular in the 1950s hence they lost its taste. At the current market, the bent-wire furniture is becoming cheaper with each passing day. These midcentury bent-wire furnishings are being replaced with natural wicker, green lawns, shades, and fireflies. They are more luxurious as compared to the old furniture. These furniture enable light to penetrate through to produce visual depth and shadow patterns in the exterior space. Funky shapes offer fresh and easy updates.

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