Major Tourist Attraction Sites in Denmark

31 May 2018

Denmark’s tourist attraction sites including the beautiful cities and landscapes make it fall under the most desired tourist destination in Europe. Below are some of the most known tourist attraction sites in Denmark.

1.      Hammershus

Hammershus located on Bornholm cliffs in Danish island is one of the best places to visit in Denmark. Hammershus is the biggest fortress ruin in the north of Europe. The exhibition at the foot of the ruins with old, red, brick buildings and wells are the features to be admired. If you Learn Danish, you will be able to learn the interesting facts about the foot of the ruins such as the historical facts, especially about 1575, and how people lived.

2.      Wattenmmeer

This is the 900 square kilometer landscape that stretches 400km south of Denmark to Holland and Germany. It is the world’s largest continuous tidal flat. The tides change the nature of the beautiful Wattenmmeer landscape on a daily basis. The various flora and fauna in the region is an additional feature to see in the Watermelon National Park.

3.      Hans Christian Andersen’s House

The house is located in the city of Odense. It belongs to Hans Christian, who is a Danish famous poet. The house was opened in 1908 for the public to examine the various drawings, the great life of Andersen and many more historical exhibitions.

4.      Den Gamle By

This is an open-air market museum in the Aarhus. Den Gamle By in English is The Old Town. The museum receives around 500 thousand people each because of its unique 16th-century buildings and the way the residents live. Visitors can sometimes talk to people after they Learn Danish and participate in some of the work such as fetching firewood and water from the well. After work, the visitors together with the natives have fun by enjoying pretzels and beer or trying out the carousel on the plaza.

5.      Viking Ship Museum

The Viking ship museum is located in Roskilde in Denmark.  Ships, shipbuilding and maritime navigation in old-fashioned and ancient culture are found in the Viking Ship Museum. The museum is located in Roskilde. There are various special and permanent exhibitions, which include the original Viking ships and the craftsmanship.

6.      The Rosenborg castle

Denmark is among the world’s oldest monarchies, therefore, has a remarkable infrastructure in place. One of the tourist attraction sites is the Rosenborg palace as it is in the heart of Copenhagen. In the castle, there are three large silver lions and coronation thrones. The castle interiors have been preserved well so as visitors can learn about the history of the kings who ruled living in the castle. Other castles in Copenhagen that are worth visiting include Fredericksburg which has great Danish history and Christiansburg castle where the Danish parliament meets.

7.      LEGOLAND Billund

This place is fun for both adults and children. This place is thrilling for watching the world’s tallest buildings in Miniland; Shanghai tower, Burj Khalifa, World Trade Centre, Taipei 101 and Mecca Royal Clock Tower. The replicas took 830 LEGO bricks for construction making it an interesting place to visit.

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