Balloons For Every Occasion: Different Types Of Customisable Balloons

31 May 2018

Everyone loves balloons. Kids love playing with them. Adults love them because they mark a significant event and spread joy across the landscape they serve as decor. However, balloons need not look too plain or be used as colour-coded nuances to surroundings. Event planners can use them to spread messages in engagement parties. Birthday parties have more emotions if there are messages on the balloons. Luckily, with today’s technology, everyone can customise their balloons according to their needs.

Birthday Greetings

Indeed, it’s nice to greet someone a happy birthday and see the balloons floating all over their gardens. But what if the balloons printed the photo of the celebrant on it? For a more artistic taste, printers can also print characters and symbols to spice up things. Imagery makes everything more wonderful to celebrate indeed, and birthday greeting balloons are the tools to do just that.

Engagement Balloons

Engagement balloons might not be as flashy as typical wedding design material, but it’s not the wedding yet. These balloons will display messages of well-wishers, friends, and family, and they will look amazing in any venue they are used. The best thing about it is, since most events that use engagement balloons are casual events (prior to the formal event), they can add a neutral or fun appeal to any celebration decor!

Get-Well Soon Messages

Anyone who had undergone a surgery, recovered from an accident, or needs cheering up after a distressing day or week in a hospital will suddenly brighten up at the sight of a light-coloured balloon. However, visitors can take this further by imprinting images and using different shapes of balloons to cheer up the patient who needs company, messages, and greetings more than ever.

Christening Greetings

All christening events are happy and momentous. They signify the welcoming of a child into religion. However, instead of using just coloured balloons, greeters and celebration planners can use printed imagery to amplify the balloons appeal from a background nuance to a central attraction. Besides, balloons and kids go together effectively, so don’t skimp out on using balloons for your christening event!

Christmas Greetings

Indeed, stars, string lights, and dioramas are the best types of Christmas decor. However, if you wanted to bring something new with a personality to your latest project, try using balloons instead. Balloons with Christmas symbols will definitely thrill youngsters who go past your home and you can use them as giveaways to Christmas parties, too!

Party Event Balloons

Nowadays, you can have handcrafters or customisers print out balloons with customised messages and imagery for any event. Whether it’s a kid’s party, corporate event, or anything else, you can get balloons for everything. In fact, most souvenir and giveaway suppliers have balloon printing services available!


There’s a balloon for every type of event. If you need to spice up a celebration and you want balloons with character and personality, then don’t hesitate to have printers give you these balloons you need. However, make sure to work with a good printer because they use special equipment and balloon materials to make the print visible and legible.

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