7 Best Vegan Gifting Ideas For Your Herbivore Friends

29 May 2018

Purchasing gift items for a vegan is perhaps the trickiest thing a person has to do. Even if you thoroughly know your vegan friend, it can be difficult to purchase a gift for them due to so many rules. You have to remember that even if the products manufactured by a certain brand are vegan, they should not be tested on animals. There are many things that vegans disapprove of, and some of them might be beyond our imagination. Even buying clothes can become tricky as the fabric shouldn’t involve any kind of animal labor. Although it is not as difficult as it seems to be. You might not have a wide array of choices when buying gifts for vegans but the limited options work wonders. Let us take a look at some gifting ideas for vegans that are sure to please your friend.

  1. Cookbooks

As most of you can see on social media, vegans are always struggling to find something delicious to eat. Since most of the ingredients are ruled out, they are always looking for recipes that can turn out to be a treat for their taste buds without harming any animals during the process. Therefore, a vegan cookbook containing vegan recipes is one of the best gifts you can give to a vegan.

  1. Clothes promoting their cause

Vegans are mostly characterized by the clothes they wear. We see an animal-friendly message on a person’s T-shirt and we know they are vegan. They love to promote their cause via the clothes they wear. So, if your vegan friend is not fond of cooking then a garment with a vegan message is a good gifting option.

  1. Toys for kids

This is another tricky thing that can be a brain teaser for you. Finding toys for kids being raised in a vegan household is not a child’s play. You have to be careful that the materials used should not involve any kind of animal labor. Some of the options are wooden toys and eco-friendly dough for modelling. You can refer this guide if you wish to buy the perfect vegan gifts for children.

  1. Vegan Candies

Everyone loves candies. You can surprise your friend with a box of vegan candies. They will appreciate your gesture and it will be a treat for their entire family.

  1. Subscription gifts

With the tremendous rise in veganism nowadays, magazines have taken advantage of this increasingly popular lifestyle and have started printing separate versions of their magazine or have started making separate sections for vegans. Apart from a magazine subscription, you can also go with a monthly or a fortnightly subscription box filled with delicious vegan treats.

  1. Vegan cosmetics

There are many cosmetic and skincare brands that have completely stopped animal testing and use only plant-based raw materials for manufacturing their products. So, cosmetics are the perfect vegan gifts for her.

  1. DIY kits

Vegans love to make vegan versions of animal-based products. A DIY kit that helps them accomplish this goal will make them extremely happy.

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