5 Creative and Smart Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

29 May 2018

The idea of home transformation might sound like an exciting plan. But then again, as soon as you carry out the very first task, you might be left overwhelmed. You’ll be surprised how changing the flooring can range from being tricky to terrifying, no matter how a keen observer you are.

Home decorating can be stressful, especially if you have no idea where to start. Even deciding whether to change the color of the walls or not can take up to several days or weeks of thinking. Good news is that we consolidated some of the tips that experts swear by in transforming your home interiors.

These tips are simple and don’t include rationalizing at all. The main goal is to get you fired up for your soon-to-be home remodeling project. You can try taking up a short interior design course online to make your home transformation better.

1. Ditch Your White Walls

If you intend to do a Scandinavian effect on your apartment or house interior then, by all means, go with white walls. White walls offer a minimalistic basic touch.

But if you’re a free-spirited person who wants to see the same personality whenever you get to enter your house, then be ready to ditch your white-painted walls.

Now by doing so, you have an option of repainting it with the color you feel matches your lifestyle more. Or resort to wallpapers if you see yourself wanting to see a different design in maybe two or three years time.

2. Consider Interior Lightings

Interior lightings are usually neglected whenever a home is being decorated.

But did you know that interior lights can actually make or break the interior design of a certain place?

Remember that lights take a huge part in setting up the right mood. The lights you prefer in the bedroom might not work with your living room. So it is important to do a strategic lighting plan as well.

Some pro tips include: using a Sputnik chandelier for the high-ceiling room. These types of chandelier make the room look less empty and more sophisticated too without overdoing it. Or you may also try to accentuate those tiny corners with free-standing lamps to ensure sufficient indoor lighting.

3. Reinvent Old Stuff

If you have a nice size couch that you don’t really want to throw away, however, doesn’t go well with the interiors – why not try reupholstering it.

There’s no wrong in reinventing old things and adding a bit of creativity with it. It is practical and a much more affordable option, rather than purchasing something new.

Maybe that couch is a limited edition which is so hard to find these days. At least by reupholstering it lets it stay in your possession, only with a different and better look though.

4. De-clutter and Try Open Shelving

If you have a massive empty wall space available yet at the same time is running out of hidden storage, then try open shelving.

Open shelving allows you to easily find the things you need. At the same time, it adds up drama on your then lifeless walls. It looks very natural and raw.

And since things are visible and are not hiding in the dark, you can take out stuff that is no longer used or barely used from time to time.

5. Go GREEN!

The technique of using indoor plants never grows old.

Having a touch of greenery inside the house not just adds color to the place. More importantly, it acts as a good source of healthier indoor air. It leaves the house smelling fresh which means using air freshener will no longer be needed. You can never have enough of them. Feel free to add them to the corners of your living room, bedroom patios, and even kitchen. Or just basically wherever you want to add a touch of green.

Final Thoughts

The tips listed above although experts swear by with them, are again only some of the factors you may want to consider. The decision will only lie upon you because the house which will undergo transformation belongs to no one but you. And if you feel like a professional help is already needed, then don’t be afraid to contact one.

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