College May Not Be Worth It Anymore

25 May 2018

A common notion floating on the internet pertaining to the college degree is that it may not be worth it anymore. Majority of the population today is attending college than ever before, however, this education comes with a price tag. The increased fees of the institutes have expanded the education debt that student has which consumes the majority of their earning time in its repayment. Previously college was observed as the stepping-stone towards the attainment of the success. However, today a burgeoning movement is observed in students against the college degree because of the increasing unemployment rate and the low pay offered by the corporate world. The following points are highlighted which will assist in our determination of the college worthiness.

  • The worthiness of Degree varies

The foremost point that is being raised in the debate pertaining to a college degree is the variance that exists between the individual’s degree belonging to different institutes. Some institutes degrees are more valuable than other and similar is the case in terms of disciplines. The discipline of business, medical, and health provide a great chance for success, however, the case is inverse in the discipline of arts, education and more.

  • Theoretical Knowledge always follows the self-application

In the college, an illusion is created where the theoretical knowledge is said to establish all the technique appliance ability in the individuals. However, in the real world, this is not the case. The individual practical appliance is preferred more than a person who just possesses the concepts. For instance, an individual who has years of experience and another individual who have same years of education apply for an interview, who do you believe will get the job, an individual who has the experience obviously as he got a jump start in the field.

  • Repayment of Debts will make you old

A study result on the HND assignment help website illustrated that majority of the student’s life is spent in the repayment of the educational loan they obtained. The students despite working hard cannot fulfill their desires because of the huge loan burden. This loan has also impacted the house loan capacity of the individuals due to which individual cannot fully enjoy their life until the very late of their age.

  • Increase inclination towards entrepreneurship

The worthiness of degree is also declining because of the increased inclination of the individual towards the entrepreneurship. The increased unemployment rate and high expenditure of the education have made the students determined to launch their own business, where they are happy to work more and earn small, then to earn more and use it for the repayment of the debts.


Reflecting upon the present scenario of the education system and the associated cost it can be incurred that college degree today is not worth it. However, this does not point towards individual’s complete abandon of the education institute. Further, the individual should also decide on the discipline they want to specialize in, be clear on your passion and dream, and chase it. It is advised that students must instead opt for the community colleges, as they are easy on the pockets.

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