Summer In Wolverhampton

27 Apr 2018

Welcome to summer! Well, very nearly. The Beast has gone back to the East and while the weather may not be entirely perfect it is at least possible to believe that summer will arrive in a matter of weeks now, rather than having to wait until four Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve sit on the thrones at Cair Paravel.

As a student you get the best of summer:  a flexible schedule of studies that allows you to be spontaneous and catch the best of the weather, like a schoolchild, but with the independence of an adult, so you can make whatever you want happen. If you decide you want a trip to the beach, all you need to do is suggest it to a group of friends and you’ll be away! No need to wait for a parent to decide and take you, you can suit the action to the thought.

Today we’re providing a few suggestions for the most important part of the summer for students in Wolverhampton and the world over.

Get the BBQ Ready

The social engine of the summer season is the BBQ. If you’re going to be the heart and soul of the summer you need to be the king or queen of the outdoor grill. And this takes more planning than you might think.

Firstly you need to pick your spot. If you’re in the student accommodation Wolverhampton provides you should double check the rules and regulations because they might come with grounds and green spaces, but BBQs may not be allowed.

Find a public park or a garden you can definitely BBQ in without having your afternoon rudely interrupted by a policeman, warden or other official intent on ruining your fun, and your sausages. Then you can fire up your barbecue and know you’ll get it to see it through to the end.

Remember what country you’re in. The British summer is a fragile thing and what looks like a beautiful afternoon can quickly turn to showers. Wherever you’re barbecuing make sure you have alternative planned. If it’s in your back garden, this is easy: you can simply decamp to the kitchen. If not, check which of your friends lives closest and check if they’d mind being used as a failback position in case of rain.

Having easy access to an oven can also help to avoid the night of the BBQ season: food poisoning. Preparing or finishing food in the oven or under the grill ensures it gets cooked all the way and doesn’t leave a home for the disastrous bacteria that thrive on raw meat!

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