6 Mind Hacks To Limit Your Phone Use and Get More Fun In Real life

24 Apr 2018

People are spending 5 hours a day on their phone. Yet everyone’s complaining about not having enough time to get everything done. 

What if we limit our phone use and instead invest these extra hours into other things, such as socializing with people in real life, organizing our day, crossing tasks off our to-do list so they don’t pile up, relaxing without social media but with a book or music, etc.?

Such changes can lead to less stress and living fully. We’ll stop being in a hurry, will manage our time better, won’t allow social media to control our life, and won’t feel like we’re busy all the time without actually getting much done.

1. Analyze The Causes

Often we do things unconsciously and then turn them into habits. So, if you’re looking to get rid of a behavior such as using your phone too much, you must know what makes you pick up your phone in different situations from daily life.

Maybe it’s what you do when you wake up, which is linked to the fact that you’re using your phone as an alarm clock too. Or maybe you have no idea what else to do when commuting, waiting in a queue, or else, and are simply looking at your phone, scrolling your Insta feed or flirting with someone over text.

Think this through. Look for signs that cause this behavior. Once you’re aware of them, it’s easier to control it and use your phone less.

2. Limit Notifications

If you check the Settings tab on each app on your phone, you’ll notice different ways to control notifications, sounds it makes, reminders it gives you, etc.

Maybe the reason why you’re using your mobile so much is that every time you hear a notification, you grab it to see what it is. But after checking it, you don’t put it away. Instead, you check other apps, scroll down to see what’s new, start a chat, etc.

To avoid that vicious circle, turn notifications off or limit them. You could also only turn the sound off if that’s what distracts you.

3. Give Yourself A Deadline

It’s easier to control your brain and habits with the power of deadlines. In the case of phone use, it could be a fixed time for using the phone, after which you’ll go do something else.

Just think about it. That will make communication way more meaningful too. You won’t check feeds, click links and read random stuff, open an app without knowing what you’re going to use it for exactly, follow new people, or else. Instead, you’ll know you have 5, 10, 15 or more minutes until it’s time to lock the phone again and go back to what you were doing.

4. Avoid Easy Access

This is a mind hack similar to removing junk food from your room or home and replacing it with the healthy choices. The less you see it, the less you think about it. And such addictive things are only irresistible when they are right in front of you.

So, do this:

– Don’t keep your phone on the table when you’re eating;

– When you’re out with a friend, taking a walk, commuting, or else, keep it in your bag (having to make the effort to take it from there makes it 1% easier not to use your phone);

– Install an app that locks it down for certain periods of the day or blocks access to apps and search engines for a particular period of time.

In a nutshell, make it a bit harder to grab your phone, and you’ll end up using it less.

5. Know Exactly What You’re Going To Do With That Time

Remember the 5 hours we spend on our phones daily? Set a goal and decide what you want to do with them.

Some people set up an online business and start earning their first dollars in just a few weeks if they invest time in that daily and build skills. Later on, this can turn into something big and allow them to quit their jobs and travel full-time, for instance.

You could also declutter your home, start writing and blogging, take an online course, or else.

You won’t be doing that exactly when you’re about to use the phone, but it is a good reminder of why it’s better to save that time for your goal or new hobby.

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