Everything You Need to Know about Pick and Pack Services – and Why they can Benefit You

15 Mar 2018

Picking and packing services have proven their merits in different ways, and they have now become a standard service relied upon by numerous businesses. An outsourced picking and packing service can certainly make your business operations run more smoothly and in a much easier way, and it can even save you some money as well. Are you still hesitating about making a decision to rely on a pick and pack service? Here’s everything you need to know about pick and pack services – and why they can benefit you.

What is the service, and how does it work?

Some business owners are understandably unclear about what the service actually is, and how it works. Well, simply put, a pick and pack service is a service where your goods are basically re-packaged, so they can be properly distributed to a particular destination or location. The picking and packing warehouse will receive your product shipment, and the shipment will then be stored in the pick and pack warehouse, where it is inventoried as well.

A pick and pack warehouse facility will also have a variety of zones based on the size of the products or items, such as full pallet, individual, or case, and on the product or items’ storage requirements. The basic pick and pack process happens when the items are taken from the different locations or zones and then packed according to your exact instructions. A good picking and packing service will make sure that the process is thoroughly monitored in order to maintain utmost efficiency as well as to handle whatever changes may be needed in operational requirements. The final product (which is already packaged) will then be delivered to the final destination, and you will receive a delivery confirmation along with the inventory information which has been updated.

Why it can benefit you

With a pick and pack service, you can take advantage of some important benefits: efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a faster turnaround. A pick and pack service is more efficient for your business because it saves you precious time. The process reduces the need for a middleman, particularly when items have to be collected from a number of facilities and sent elsewhere to be labelled and then packaged. With a picking and packing service, the entire process is done in one single location.

It’s cost-effective for the simple reason that a pick and pack service handles the entire process themselves, so there no longer needs to be charges for minimum orders. And, since the process is handled by one single entity, there is a faster turnaround time for processing combined with the latest packing and distribution techniques which only the right pick and pack service knows.

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