Digital Advertising Done Right

14 Mar 2018

We all know that proper marketing and advertising does more than just sell a product, it sells an image, a brand, and a lifestyle. When it comes to digital advertising you have to pay attention to more than just the content of your ads. You also have to think about their digital forms and physical forms. Buying sponsored ads on websites might give you the reach you want but think about who else uses sponsored ads. Anyone with the right amount of cash can easily grab the same spot or find a platform that is more popular and more interesting.

Digital advertising to a certain extent rides on trends and popularity, but when we think about it from a business point of view, you need to be aware that these waves are temporary. While you follow the changes you also need to establish more than just an online presence.

Have multiple advertisements.

When you try to hype one product or event, it is easy to throw all your energy into it. But when we talk about digital advertising, you have a small window to catch attention. You need to find the right balance between how long and how often people view your ads. Flooding your customers with one kind of product might cause people to get tired of your brand. Followers of your brand might think you are stagnating, repetition when done wrong shows desperation. Keep a healthy rotation of other ads for non-seasonal products or news blurbs about other events that go on in your company. The long-term vision is to sell your brand, not just a product.

Let your company office speak the same message.

The easiest location, other than the Internet, for your advertisements to play is in your own office. If you are a larger corporation, make full use of your lobby, with heavy foot traffic of both workers and clients, it is the best way to remind everyone about what you do and why you do it. Have TV screens mounted on walls in areas most likely to have people staying in them for long periods of time such as cafeterias, waiting areas, and near the elevators or doors. If you prefer mobility, a TV display stand is a good option for exhibits and events.

Show how the product/event is received.

After the period of your product launch or promotional event, show documentation about how it was received. Customer testimonies show that there are people interested in your brand which helps draw in more people.

As much as digital advertising is about the online world, the offline world helps reinforce the initial message sent by a video clip or poster. When done right, you can create a healthy relationship with your customers that keeps them well informed and you well-remembered. The trends may come and go and there is always something viral one moment and forgotten the next, being remembered while being relevant is the biggest challenge.

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