The Correct Way Of Using Hashtags For Promoting Your Brand On Instagram

13 Feb 2018

Being an ambitious entrepreneur of a small online business who wants to stand out from the crowd, you know how important it is to exploit the potential of Instagram. After all, over 700 million people around the world actively use this popular social media networking site for some reason or the other. This because it is the most convenient way for them to send photographs, pictures, and videos to the people who are close to them. It is also a huge market for you to take advantage of when it comes to promoting the brand image of the products you are offering to sell the public.

What are Hashtags?

When it comes to using Instagram as a marketing tool to promote your brand products among your target audience, the first thing you need to understand is how to use hashtags. If you are not familiar with this social media networking site, hashtags refer to either a single word or a collection of words people type after the # (hashtag) sign. It is a convenient way for them to communicate to the individuals they know or the public. Businesses of various sizes have been implementing them to engage their customers ever since they became a prominent feature in social media networking scene.

Hashtags act as a catalyst in simplifying online searches for people who regularly use Instagram to connect with their friends, relatives and close acquaintances. This is because this Instagram feature arranges general topics which people enjoy chatting about on the internet according to specific categories. Active users of this social media networking platform can benefit from it because it allows them to choose topics and to take part in conversations they wish to join. Moreover, the feature is also prevalent in other prominent social media networking sites such as Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. This means that when you effectively use this feature to enhance your organization’s market presence and promote your brand, you can find the right people who help you to achieve this goal.

Advantages of hashtags in boosting online traffic to your business website

Prominent experts specializing this field say you need to use hashtags in a specific way when interacting with members of your target audience to achieve your objective. Simply typing a couple of hashtags with images of your brand products you are sending to your customers regardless of whether they are relevant or not is just a waste of time. You need to carefully choose your hashtags if you want to enhance your organization’s online visibility using this social media networking site. These professionals go on to point out the following three significant benefits of using hashtags in overall marketing strategy:

1. Increase your organization’s visibility among your target audience

You should make it a point to use industry-specific hashtags with pictures, photographs, and videos of the brand products you are selling to the public. This goes a long way in increasing your organization’s online visibility among the people who show interest in what you are offering to sell them. It also helps you to build up a larger customer base outside those who know you personally. After all, you aim to ensure your establishment get enough real Instagram likes from people who view your products or service on this social media networking site. This is the only way you are going to gain the competitive edge in this marketplace.

2. Enhance your organization’s reach

When you choose to adopt hashtags relevant to a particular location in your posts, your organization becomes visible to people who show interest in the business it conducts. This can help you to attract some potential customers in that area to your target audience. In this context, there is an increasing trend among businesses to use Instagram hashtags as tools for viral marketing. It refers to an advertisement strategy where such organization goes out of their way to present a conversational topic relating to their brand products an interesting way. This attracts the attention of a large number of people who immediately share such post with those they know. Before these establishments realize it, they have a large number of followers in places where they conduct their activities.

3. Increase awareness of your organization

When you take the initiative to use custom hashtags to promote your brand products or services among your online target audience, your organization tends to stand out. This is because people who browse through your account on this social media networking platform and usually find it unique and memorable. It becomes instrumental in spreading awareness of your business and brand products it deals in.

The above three benefits prove beyond doubt that Instagram hashtags can go a long way in promoting your brand products among your target audience. However, it is crucial for you to plan your advertising campaigns careful while using this social media networking channel and use only relevant hashtags. This will ensure you get a better response from the members of your target

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