How To Improve Your Concentration While Studying In 5 Simple Steps

31 Jan 2018

Whether you are studying or working, concentration is an essential gear for goals attainment. You need to put all your attention on what you have in hand, and the truth is that it is not always as easy as it looks like. We are surrounded by time robbers who mislead us and make us lose valuable minutes. Therefore, it is essential to know how to improve concentration because, afterward, it can cost us a lot to return to that initial state.

Today I want to show you 5 steps that will help you improve your concentration. You will get to work or study in a more productive and efficient way thanks to these steps that, as you will see, are very easy to apply. And the more concentrated you are, the better you will perform, the better you will carry out your work or the better you will study.

If you notice that you have been asked to focus, do one of these five things and you will see how easily you can recover it again. Personally, they work very well for me. Try and tell me in the comments section below.

The importance of breathing for concentration

The breathing is an involuntary act. We pay no attention to it and it is something that is always there. If you notice that your head is scattered and what you are doing is not spreading to you, for a moment and become aware of your breathing. Close your eyes and take a deep, slow breath, starting at the abdomen, following the ribs and ending in the chest. It expels the air again starting at the bottom, upwards. Very slow.

Do these deep breaths for about three minutes and you will notice how your body is more relaxed? Tensions have disappeared and you have centered your mind again. Fixing your attention on the breath helps us to return to the present moment.

Prioritize a single key task

If you want to improvise your level of concentration and not lose it during your work or your study time you should avoid doing many things at the same time. Focus only on one key element and gradually make your progress towards the next elements. Make it. And move on to the next one. And so one after another. Multitasking can have harmful effects for the quality of our work and our study. Interacting with many fronts while doing an already complicated task or assignment might leave you with a serious level of failure.

Avoid sources of distraction

The time-consuming elements that we mentioned before are highly important to consider if you want to strengthen your power of concentration. These are the things that mainly brings us a lot of distraction and loss of time more than what we think or expect. You must eliminate them completely, they are around you and maybe you are not even aware of them. To start, turn off the mobile phone. Or leave it away, in silence. Any sound will cause you to lose concentration at the moment. In addition, you will avoid the temptation to look at it and consult social networks or WhatsApp. It is a wise approach to tell your mind that everything will be there when you absolutely done with your task or assignment.

When it comes to tasks that involve online research there are many applications that are capable of blocking access to certain pages and unwanted elements over the internet. It is the best approach to conduct a well-concentrated online research for the given task or assignment.  In most of the cases, avoiding emails and social media platforms help a lot. Moreover, there are several online sources of entertainment that often creates huge distraction. Simply prepare your browsing approach as less distracted as possible and you will definitely experience the difference.

The environment helps you stay focused

Working in a disorganized environment does not help you maintain your concentration at all. Quite the opposite: the physical disorder that surrounds us can also cause some chaos in our heads. So try to make your place of study or work as clean and organized as possible; put in those books in front of you that you always hover upon, remove any unwanted objects from your desk and clear your work area to gain a value added peace of mind.

In addition to your table, check the rest of the environment in which you are working or studying. Observe if you are comfortable with a correct posture to study, if the room is well lit and ventilated, if the temperature is adequate. All of these measures help you a lot in becoming more concentrated than ever before. Setting up adequate environmental conditions contribute the best to the need of attaining easiness and comfort with increased concentration.

Never overlook your rest

To be more concentrated it is necessary to give your brain small breaks. Our mind cannot maintain the same level of alertness all the time, so it is important that you take appropriate rest, especially if the task you are doing is long and tedious. Get up off the chair, walk a little, do some stretching … It’s about getting strength to continue with what you were doing with more energy and enriched concentration.

Author Bio:

Lara Hawkins is a professional writer with several years of experience in the field of education management. She has adopted several professional roles during her career while starting her career as part of an assignment writing company. Now she works as a student career counselor and contributes to several likeminded online communities.

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