10 Reasons Why One Of A Kind Education Doesn’t Fit All

26 Jan 2018

Education is the most fundamental need of the present world. The technological advancement has brought many new professionals in the world such as musicians, best essay writing service experts, other than a standardized set of professionals i.e. doctors, engineers or teacher. But the tyranny of the education system is that the same kind of education is taught to every single individual. In spite being at a stage where there are many debates that occur throughout the world but the respective changes have not been made. It times to revolutionalize the education system, the time to introduce new teaching methods so we can guide every child no matter what kind of mindset he possesses. To need of the time is to revamp the conventional education system and infuse new practicing because they are thwarting the growth, a new talent to rise and spread out, all because of the uniform practice for every student. These are ten reasons to reform our education system:

10 Reasons Why One Of A Kind Education Doesn’t Fit All

  1. Every individual possesses different skill set; some may be good in mathematics, science, and language while some may suck at it. This is because students have varied academic strengths. Some students may give an exceptional performance in acting, drama, music or art, which is not really measured by grades in the conventional education system. We should introduce these as the core subjects so that every student gets the chance to excel.
  2. Some students may learn through visuals while other through music and sounds while some may learn from the activities conducted. The method of sitting in a place watching and listening is not letting students reach their maximum learning potential as each possesses different learning style.10 Reasons Why One Of A Kind Education Doesn’t Fit All
  3. In the world, the common notion is that every individual must receive the formal education to be successful. But when we look at successful people they are the ones who don’t possess any degree e.g. Steve Jobs. Therefore a student’s passion and personal interest play a key role in the attainment of the knowledge and skills they need. In order to make more of what does well and minimize what does not.
  4. Digitalization has bought changes in every aspect of our life, same goes for an education system. The study programs can now be made customized for the students according to their needs which make learning for students a lot easier.10 Reasons Why One Of A Kind Education Doesn’t Fit All
  5. Technological advancement has given us something new to incorporate. The incorporation of distance learning can be used to cater to the students who are not able to attend the school. This approach will be useful to personal endeavors of the students.
  6. The traditional system of education set the same timelines for the student to learn a particular thing. Different student possesses different learning paces. Some are quick to learn while some require more time. Therefore the present education must possess strategies that assure each student to retain the knowledge and skill they need.
  7. The practice of teachers teaching and student listening is a very flawed process in our education system because it doesn’t allow students to show their creativity which the present generation needs in order to succeed. The critical thinking will allow the student to be innovative and perhaps become future leaders in a field.10 Reasons Why One Of A Kind Education Doesn’t Fit All
  8. The present era has presented teacher with different materials that could be used to nurture them. Students might learn from reading and writing while some may learn better through the use of gadgets such as tablets and computer. Introducing these in the education system will help in increasing learning efficiency.
  9. The present education system must incorporate choices to the students to select a field they want to build their profession in. the conventional system had only a few uniform academic subjects, it’s time to widen those subjects so that each student gets the chance to excel in his desired field.
  10. Every student possesses different skill test, the conventional system of education measures the intelligence of each student by conducting a uniform test that is unfair to the students who excel in the different subject. Therefore, it’s time to break free from standardization and make teaching more individualized without losing excellence.

The efforts to improve can be a long-term struggle but it’s necessary to create a more equitable society.

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