12 Things That Happen When You Work On Admission

22 Jan 2018

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Every year your university opens spaces for you to work in the process of admission of the new period of classes, this job has many benefits because it gives you ideal conditions to perform your work, they give you vouchers to eat and you are in a very friendly. If you have already worked on admission you will definitely feel identified with the following points, and if you are about to work on it you can have a small overview of the things that are going to happen to you.

  1. Believe that you are a social worker

It is typical for new students to think that the whole admission process is done by only one person, that is why when they arrive they begin to tell you that they deserve the scholarships for different reasons and you can interrupt them so they do not feel bad, that’s why you have to listen to them until you can explain that the social workers are elsewhere and they are in charge of the scholarships.

  1. There are people completely uninformed about the PSU scores

Sometimes people arrive with 400 points and they say “with this, I can study medicine?” and you have to tell them with a lot of cans that unfortunately, you cannot. 

  1. Comes for free

The best thing about the job is that your salary is not lost in the food because they give you breakfast or lunch vouchers according to the schedule that you get, which rarely happens when other companies hire you.

  1. You form a new group of friends

You spend so much time with your neighbor’s cubicle or workplace, they end up being super friends. Best of all, they are from different races and have many things to talk about.

  1. You probably have your first formal salary

If you did not have a serious job before, they would surely pay you without giving you tickets or something like that, so the work in admission gives you your first formal salary since it is totally regulated.

  1. You learn to look good in college clothes

The admission clothing is a horrible shirt and eventually a polymer of the same color, but since it is a serious job and you have to cater to the future university students and their families, you have no choice but to try to look your best.

  1. Sometimes you have to take the role of vocational counselor

Sometimes there are people who come to enroll but are not even sure of the career they want, so you try to guide them in the best way possible but always stressing that they should not make the decision in a hurry.

  1. You feel more important

Even if you work three or four days, the mere fact of being a stable worker makes you feel that you are more responsible and deserve respect from your parents.

  1. You have to survive the tedious training

The training are a drag, it seems that your instructors forget that you have been studying for one or two years and that you have had to study much worse than entering a person in the university system, you have to be a long time assuring your supervisors that you learned.

  1. Enrollment to your friends

Although it is merely a formality, when you enroll your friends you take a little longer to talk for a while or just to rest while both pretend that they are discussing the subject of the contract or something else.

  1. You have many time windows

There are collapsed schedules with people and others where you simply do not know what to do because you cannot take out your cell phone to play or anything because the supervisor challenges you.

  1. You have to fight for photocopiers

Having to share the photocopier is an ordeal because every document that is signed has to be duplicated or tripled, the worst thing is that there are colleagues who hate to wait their turn and are able to interrupt your work to finish yours.

With your good and bad things, being in admission is actually one of the best summer jobs you could have, so you cannot miss the applications as it is likely that you will be selected.

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