Common Issues Encountered By Students While Writing

16 Jan 2018

Importance of perfect writing has greatly increased and it has become a vital feature which is required in almost every reputable institution. A student learns to write from the beginning of his or her education, from the alphabets to the content of different topics. With the development of a child, the level of writing skills also gets flourished which helps a student to express his or her thoughts, knowledge and skills on paper. But there are some challenges which most students face due to which they are unable to write a perfect assignment which they are assigned and go for cheap assignment help online. It is a weakness on which they are required to improve in order to study, work and do their assignments, meeting the expectations of teachers from the student and secure good marks. This article addresses the problems which are encountered by most of the students while writing which serves as a barrier for a perfectly written assignment.

Common Issues Encountered By Students While Writing

Use of Slangs and Wrong Vocabulary:

Expressing thoughts and knowledge using correct and most suitable words is one of the most important things in writing. Nowadays due to a wide use of slang words in communication, students often make a mistake of using slang words in expressing their thoughts and knowledge, which make their skill of writing weak and improper. Students need to know that they need to use proper sentences having correct grammatical words and being careful about punctuation.

Weak Argumentation:

Whenever a student is asked to write using evidence, students do not get the point of the assignment. Whenever a topic is asked to be discussed with evidence, it means that a student needs to prove his or her opinion which is based on facts and logic discussed in the topic; they cannot express their opinions without any supporting points. Lack of evidence makes their content weak with no logic to support their statements.


Every writing task is based on a mechanism which a student needs to consider. An article, blog, essay or any assignment is based on a format which most of the students fail to follow. Students need to learn about the structure and format of the writing they are asked to do and check if they are following the format correctly or not.


A student is assigned some in which they are required to write about facts, studying the topics and knowledge thoroughly, in their own words. Often students make a mistake of copying the content they find on the internet or from any other source, and write the same exact content, ignoring the idea of learning and using their own words which basically makes the point of writing useless. Plagiarism is not only discouraged but it is forbidden, which students need to understand.

Failing to Structure the Idea:

Often students understand the topics and have content to write, but they fail to write it in a correct structure. Every writing task needs to be structured from the introduction of the topic to the conclusion for a reason, which students tend to have difficulty to follow. An idea or content needs to be written in such a way that the content goes in a flow step by step.


When it comes to the task of writing on a topic which the student is unfamiliar with or the topic is difficult, the student needs to research the topic. Students often fail to research correctly and add things in their writing which are not required or have no relation to the topic. That is why it is important to focus on researching the topic accurately, including those things in the writing which are related to the topic and are not general.

These are some of the challenges and mistakes which are done by the students when it comes to writing an assignment perfectly. But through considering the solutions and practice, these challenges can become easier and students may become able to write with no errors.

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