Does An Air Conditioning Unit Impact The Sale Of Real Estate?

20 Dec 2017

Air conditioning as you know it today was invented over a century ago, and until the last 30 years, it was a luxury reserved for the wealthy and businesses whose clientele expected comfort. Now air conditioning systems are commonplace in homes today and for a good reason.

Air conditioning on a hot day makes a warm, sticky home comfortable by cooling the air and dehumidifying it. When it’s equipped with the right filter, the air has fewer airborne irritants like pollen and dust. Homes that have central cooling systems provide immediate comfort in every room.

What to Look for

Although brands matter, what’s more important when considering the air conditioning system? It is how well you maintain it and whether it is the proper sized for the home. When you’re serious about purchasing a home, ask the real estate agent or homeowner to show you the installation paperwork and maintenance records.

If you’re adding a cooling system to your home or buying a home, insist on a load calculation before making the final equipment selection. Cooling systems are sized by tons, and bigger isn’t always better. Just because a home is large doesn’t mean it needs an extensive A/C system. Homes that are well insulated and airtight need smaller HVAC systems because their heating and cooling loads are lower.

Ideally, the equipment should be serviced by an HVAC pro like Provincial Heating annually. These maintenance checks improve system performance and prevent avoidable breakdowns. The homeowner should have kept the air filters clean and the outdoor condenser free from landscaping and yard debris.

The energy efficiency rating of air conditioners matters. Look for the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, which can be found in the owner’s manual, online, or the outdoor condenser. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system is.

Smart Systems

A home with a Wi-Fi thermostat and an advanced air conditioning system offers many advantages. First and foremost, it will likely have lower electric bills. Second, it will maintain more even comfort. Third, a Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the opportunity to monitor your home’s comfort level and system performance from anywhere. You’ll be able to change the temperature no matter where you are, and some even alert you to air filter changes and unit servicing requirements.

Having an air conditioning system makes a home more desirable for others since it provides comfort, dehumidification, and cleaner indoor air. One that uses smart technology adds a level of convenience and control over temperatures and energy costs.

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