How To Parental Control TV In 2017

6 Dec 2017

TV is becoming more difficult for parents to monitor than it said ten years ago. With hundreds of TV channels, and so many TV shows coming out every season, it’s understandable that parents need help with parental controlling. Here’s how to approach parental controlling TV in 2017.

Hide And Block Shows By Rating

Many TV providers have the ability to block shows by their rating through the DVR or set up top box. So if you were to block ratings TV-MA and TV-14, only TV-PG and TV-G would show when your children open the channel guide. There are also options out there that allow you to filter by severity of curse words, religious and sexual preference.

Password Lock Entire Channels

Locking channels are the easiest solution for parents because there’s no way any parent could possibly know every TV show on every channel. This feature is great for parents who know that there’s a lot of programming on a particular channel that you do not want your child to watch. Password protecting a channel ensures that no one can watch content on that channel that you don’t want to. So if there’s programming you as the parent wants to watch sometimes, you can still watch very easily by inputting the password.

Completely Hide Channels From The Program Guide

This is especially useful if you have channels that have very obvious explicit titles like adult programming. Obviously, no one wants their child to find these or even read the names of the shows being aired on said channels.

Monitor Every Television

Yes, this is possible! Sometimes kids do find a way around parental controls or simply watch TV when you do not want them. Dish Network set up top boxes called the Hopper 3 allow you to monitor every television in your home whenever you want to in real time!

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