5 Master’s Degrees That Pay For Themselves

5 Dec 2017

When considering your career and the education that it requires, you may find yourself looking into a master’s degree. This can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are worried about finances and paying for your education. While considering your career path, here are a couple master’s degrees that will essentially pay for themselves after your graduation.

Master of Engineering

Of the many different career options that students can choose to pursue, deciding to acquire a master’s degree in the field of engineering is a decision that carries the benefit of being a part of a field that ranks in the top percentile of highest paid careers. Because engineering is the combined study of science and technology – two of the most pivotal applications at the forefront of rapid societal evolution – any aspect of study within the field of engineering is guaranteed to be a lucrative occupation. Some of the median salaries for engineers are:

  • Civil Engineering: $89,523/year
  • Software Engineering: $121,300/year
  • Mechanical Engineering: $97,100/year
  • Electrical Engineering: $111,807/year
  • Petroleum Engineering: $96,460/year
  • Telecom Engineering: $119,100/year
  • Engineering Management: $124,995/year

Master of Business

Business is one of the most prominent and important fields of study, up on the same level as science and technology. In a world comprised of different cultures and various essential goods that need to be dispersed by and to other people over the world, business is used as a form of communication to allow the exchange of such goods and services between individuals and companies.

Because of this, having a master’s degree in business allows you to boost your career in almost any field of work. For instance, if you have an MBA, you can go into business management within the medical field or architecture. Because of the popularity of this degree, there are also numerous options available, including online programs that allow you to earn your master’s degree while still working full time. The average salary for people with an MBA is about $113,000 a year.

Master of Physical Therapy

Another field of high demand to consider when pursuing a master’s degree in physical therapy. So many people consistently sustain injuries to the body on a daily basis due to accidents, sports, and debilitating diseases that the need for physical therapy remains consistent or, in some areas, is expanding. Physical therapy is a very rewarding field, yet it is often overlooked amongst other well-paid careers. Physical Therapists make an average of $81,030 per year.

Master of Criminal Justice

Students who are passionate about helping others may be highly interested in acquiring a master’s degree in criminal justice. In addition to traditional jobs like homeland security, this opens up jobs in the legal field, military operations, and many other fields. Criminal justice remains a forever growing field with a variety of employment positions with higher paying salaries as we try to figure out how best to enforce the laws of the country. Careers within the field of criminal justice averages to be about $60,500/yr.

Master of Education

Because education is so crucial to getting a better career, it has substantially expanded over the last few years, meaning that there are quite a few opportunities to work within the field of education. Educators are needed to teach and instruct those very same students in pursuit of master’s degrees. Within the field of education, there are also various education positions beyond that of a traditional teacher that pay well, including:

  • Educational Administration: $77,100/year
  • Educational Leadership: $84,490/year

Master in Your Passion

Certainly, no matter what field of education a student decides to receive their master’s degree in, it’s a decision that will surely reap the benefits of invested hard work and dedication. Being able to follow one’s passion is the most significant benefit that you can receive from your education.


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