Natural Cocktails: What Are The Healthiest Mixed Drink Recipes?

2 Nov 2017

Being the life of the party is always fun, but when you want to add a little of your essential oil love to the party, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry though. We have five of the most delicious and easy cocktail recipes to help you get the party started with a healthy kick. All you have to do is take a seat, grab your favorite doTerra product, and get ready to find a new favorite cocktail.  

Essential Vodka Cran

The typical vodka cranberry cocktail could use a bit of an essential twist. Mix up about 2 ounces of your favorite vodka brand in your favorite glass. Add a drop of a wild orange essential oils to the vodka and mix it. Add cranberry juice and give your drink a good stir or shake, depending on how you like it. This is a great cocktail for holiday parties.

Essential Sangria Twist

Sangria is a great drink for many times of the year, but if you want to give it a little twist, here’s how. Start by taking your favorite Sangria or by mixing up your favorite Sangria. Red wine, a little apple cider, brandy, and orange juice are great ways to mix it up. Next, you can add cinnamon bark and wild orange essential oils to the mix to create a new take on the classic Sangria flavors.

Essential Margarita Twist

For your summertime events, try making your margaritas. You can create a delicious mix by mixing up sugar and water in a saucepan. Add a few drops of your favorite lemon and lime essential oils to the mix. Crush a bit of ice, add your favorite vodka, and pour in the mixture. You can refreeze it for a more chilling and refreshing margarita to beat those summertime heat waves.

Essential Rum and Cola

Give a little twist to the classic rum and cola mixture by adding some essential oils. Add your ice to glass, pour in your rum and add a drop of the doTerra product Lime essential oil. Mix the oil and the rum well before pouring in the cola. Give the drink a good mix or shake, and enjoy a refreshing twist on this classic drink.

Essential Hot Chocolate Twist

Great for holiday parties, taking the classic hot chocolate and adding a kick to the mix is perfect for adults during the holiday season. Make your hot chocolate as you would normally, add your choice of vodka, and put a drop of peppermint essential oils into the mixture. Stir in everything and serve.


Essential oils aren’t just for health. You can use essential oils to create delicious flavors and tastes in foods and even cocktails. By using the ideas above, you can create several new and exciting cocktail flavors for your parties all year long.

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