Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

27 Sep 2017


Almost every day in our country, someone comes up with the idea of starting their own small business.  He or she may think of a variety of ideas.  But, in all cases, they need a plan to start it, and they don’t want to make mistakes, and get further into debt.

The following information will help you figure out how to make your debt work for you, and start your business.  We will show you common mistakes that have been made by small business owners.  By knowing what not to do, you will be on a better path.  Hence, you will be able to move forward, and head in the right direction.

Debt Can Work In Your Favor

One of the reasons that people want to start their own business is because they are in debt, and they’re having problems finding a job that matches their skills.  However, you can make it work for you.  You don’t have to feel dependent on others.  Use your debt as a tool by thinking about it this way: According to Mulligan Funding, “Debt is an agreement in which a lender supplies a borrower with capital according to a set of terms that assigns certain responsibilities to both parties.”  So, you can conquer your debt by getting the right funding for your small business.

One example is a working capital loan, which is a “specific type of borrowing that works differently than other…forms like credit cards.”  It can also be approved quickly if you meet certain requirements.  You can use it to remodel your business, create marketing plans, and help with unforeseen circumstances.

Small Business Owners Share Mistakes

However, as Kabbage explains, you may make mistakes.  For example, the previously mentioned unforeseen circumstances can create emergencies.  Make sure you get prepared for times in which you have slow sales.

You also want to delegate.  Doing everything yourself will only slow you down.  After all, people can’t do everything themselves.  That’s why you have a team.  Use your people.

But, one of the biggest issues is budgeting.  You know what customers want, and you know what it costs to create it.  Ensuring you have the money to pay for materials, and the bills, should always be high on your list.

When it comes to budgeting, you also want to make sure that your bottom line is your main focus.  Expanding your business will happen in due time.  But, don’t look to the future so much that you lose track of the present.

Remember The Competition

As CNBC explains, those aren’t the only mistakes you can make.  For one thing, always remember that you have competition.  Sure, you have a small business.  But, others may have the same game plan as you, and offer alternatives you didn’t think about.  Stay focused.


Having an unrealistic goal will ruin any chance you have at success.  So be SMART.  Use this acronym to help you set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Time specific.  Focusing on those aspects from the beginning will set a guide moving forward.

Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Marketing Plan

If you don’t have a clear message, your customers won’t buy into your business.  So, start off on the right foot by developing your plan.  Once you know what you want to say, you will be able to send the same message to everyone.

Do The Research

Another goal to keep in mind, according to Fundera, is to do the research.  Don’t just go by what your friends and family say.  Research the market you want to get into, and figure out your target audience.  Surveys, and focus groups will help you get started.  But, online information will fill in the holes.

Build A Website

If you don’t know how to create a website, that’s fine.  But, don’t use it as an excuse to not create one.  In 2017, apps and websites are the main ways people get information about companies.  Additionally, a website will help you send the message about who you are, and the message you want to send.


Starting a small business can be an exciting adventure.  But, it can also be challenging if you don’t know how to do it properly.  This information should act as a guide for you to take the proper steps moving forward.  Following them will bring you closer to your goals.

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