5 Ways Appliances Increase Value In Your Home

27 Sep 2017

There is no doubt appliances increase the value of your home. Whether you live in an apartment, condo or house, appliances you choose to add or upgrade require planning.

Even appliances are affected by technology and increase the value of your home. To ensure appliances suit your needs and add value, a professional appliance consultant is the best choice before making purchases.

There are five ways appliances increase value in your home. The following sections will break down how the process works.

State of the Art Appliances

By choosing state of the art appliances like cooking ranges that include grill tops, refrigerators with modern French door designs, icemakers and ice crushers and bottom freezers attached, these increase home value.

Appliances like front load washers and dryers and top load washers with separate wash bins for delicates and a wider selection of washing and drying cycles add value. For apartments and condos, a good choice is a combo washer/dryer with the same features as separate washer and dryer units.

Dishwasher appliances undoubtedly add home value with features like hard particle food disposers, additional space for odd sized utensils and state of the art “on” and “off” timers. These are appliances many homeowners and apartment dwellers desire most.

Today’s Appliances Increase Safety

Other ways appliances increase value is the newest, latest safety features. Many of these appliances have automatic shut off capability. For instance, dishwashers, washers and dryers are equipped with alarm systems that alert users to potential overloading or mechanical problems.

Modern Appliances are Energy Efficient

To increase value in your home, choose appliances with an energy star rating. Air conditioning units, refrigerators, laundry equipment, garbage disposals, trash compactors and dishwashers all have efficiency ratings provided by manufacturers. According to Slyman Bros, it is best to “pay attention to each appliance’s energy consumption, as that can save or cost you hundreds of dollars a year.”

Size and Operation of Appliances

Appliance designs increase value in your home by making them larger in size and installations more ergonomic and attractive. Appliances St Louis residents prefer reduce noise while in operation.

New and Updated Appliances Add Value

There is always added value to installing new and updated appliances like those that are operated from a cell phone or other computer devices. This is an ultra convenient way to complete tasks while away from home.


The type of appliances you need to increase value in your home should be planned with an experienced appliance expert. This makes your appliances purchases affordable and efficient.

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