How To Avoid Getting Penalized by Google

12 Sep 2017

When you choose to create a website within the Google search engine index, you agree to a certain set of rules which Google has called these set of rules; the Webmaster’s Guidelines.

Now, these guidelines are what Google has put together to ensure that its users get the best experience possible.

What I do I mean by the best experience?

To be honest, Google is a business and like all business, Google wants to give its users the best possible experience possible. What Google considers as a good experience is providing its users with the fastest and most accurate search results possible.

Being able to show results at a high speed is no issue for Google, as it has a whole development team to ensure that nothing slows down its search engine.

However, the problem starts to show when Google doesn’t have full control of what its algorithms show when the search results are shown.

In a perfect world this should not be a problem for Google as if all the webmasters follow the rules then the search results will be accurate and relevant to what the client or user is looking for, however, the world we live in is far from perfect and we often find that many webmasters will abuse the guidelines in order to gain an advantage amongst all the other websites that are in the same niche based on the search result index.

Why is gaining the advantage a bad thing?

There is nothing wrong with giving your website an advantage to increase its rankings within the search index.

The best way to give your website an advantage to help increase its rankings within the search result index is by making use of correct SEO tactics.

To read more about what SEO is, you can read more here.

Moving on…

With SEO like many things in the world, you can make use of it fairly and properly or you can abuse the system or gain.

Unfortunately, a lot of webmasters choose to abuse SEO tactics to try and gain an unfair advantage, which after a short period of time Google, released an algorithm which sole purpose was to stop and punish any webmaster abusing the system.

How can you avoid these algorithms?

Due to the nature in which these algorithms work, it is nearly impossible to avoid these algorithms going through your website, however, what you can avoid is whether or not you and your site will be punished for malpractice.

One of the most important thing to make sure is that your website is organic, meaning that if it is about horses you only post or link to horse related information.

By being organic your site will naturally have a lower spam score which is what Google is looking for, so when its users search for horse related content, your site shows what the user is looking for, if for instance, your site showed information relating to party dresses, then Google will punish you.