5 Ways Social Media Impacts Building A Brand

29 Aug 2017

Brand building is all about creating a buzz around the name of your company in order to take advantage of the amazing power of word-of-mouth advertising. As more people turn to various social media sites to get everything from current news to product recommendations, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have become almost necessary for Internet marketing. Those who sell doTERRA oils needed to build their own personal brand within the umbrella of the greater business.

What Goes Into Brand Building?

In order to get positive recognition for your company or the brand name you are promoting, you need to get the good word in front of as many people as possible. Demonstrating positive customer service both before and after sale definitely increases your reputation. The goal is to have consumers say, “Yes, I have heard of doTERRA oils and love them. You should try them too!”

There are many Internet marketing methods used today. Search engine optimization still gets you the most organic traffic to a website. Paid ads will never go out of style. Social media marketing has become one of the hottest and easiest methods to engage in brand building currently. Read on to learn about five ways social media can impact your brand:

Find Your Ideal Audience

Every targeted audience or ideal customer is represented on social media. There are groups, pages, and communities created around any topic.

Build an Online Presence

Social media pages are simple ways to create more touch points for your brand online. A touch point is simply a virtual location where your company or product name is mentioned.

Target Influences With Ease

Popular social media posters are the true influences of consumer buying habits. More people turn to Facebook or Instagram than ever before in order to get information about a product or service and decide which one to spend their money on. If someone with tens of thousands of followers or more mentions your product, brand recognition will skyrocket.

Word of Mouth Advertising

There is no better way to get word-of-mouth advertising in the current business age. Whether a person chats only with family or has thousands of online friends and followers, the trust level when one recommends a product is higher than through any type of unrelated marketing. Essentially, building a brand on social media is almost impossible to prevent if your product is high-quality and your service excellent.

Boost Brand Reputation Through Customer Service

Social media discussions or the perfect place to demonstrate positive customer service, which is one of the most important criteria that determine where a person spends their money. If someone asks a question, answer it immediately. If they compliment the product or service, thank them. If they lodge a complaint, insist you are prepared to do everything in your power to turn their negative experience into a positive one. People remember companies that go the extra mile.

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