Different Varieties of Lifting Gear for Hire in UK

16 Aug 2017

It is a tough task to choose the correct lifting gear type for different lifting practices. When it comes to discussing the use of gear in up and over garage door, there are basically three types of lifting gear available in the lifting industry to choose from.

Let’s check the below 3 lifting gear hire in UK and their confined specifications-

Canopy Lifting Gear

One of the least expensive gear types is canopy lifting gear which is perfect for manually operated doors as compared to garage doors without an operator.

  • Garage doors come fitted with canopy gear are capable to protrude about 1/3 when open.
  • They form a canopy in front of garage and this is the reason they are named as canopy garage doors.
  • When an electric operator needs to be used, canopy gear will not work as you require a bow arm to work with an operator.
  • Doors with canopy gears feature an anti-drop safety system to prevent door from crashing in case of cable failure.

Retractable Lifting Gear

Retractable lifting gear is a costly gear type with an electric operator fitted into it. The cost of a bow arm and canopy gear will be heavier as compared to mere retractable lifting gear.

  • Retractable gear works on the horizontal tracks that move to the garage. Therefore, whenever the door gets open it is pushed behind the garage door opening and it does not build a canopy like the canopy gear door. But, it is able to protrude a little amount.
  • Doors with retractable gearing contains a secure parking position feature to help prevent the door from uncontrolled closing.

Retractable Plus Lifting Gear

Retractable plus lifting gear can be treated as an extended version of retractable lifting gear that features a uniquely designed lifting arm to allow narrow openings.

  • This lifting gear renders an extra width across the garage door opening so that wider cars will be able to drive across garage door opening without clipping the wing mirrors.
  • The specially designed lifting arms of Retractable Plus have bottom spring brackets meant for narrow openings and allow large room horizontally across garage door opening.
  • A Retractable Up and Over garage door is allowed to be opened by steel arms that lift the door open across the horizontal tracks within the garage.
  • In case door is open, these lifting arms fix on either side of fixing sub frame and thus reduce the opening width by nearly 4 – 6 inches.
  • The Retractable Plus mechanism moves the side arms upwards to allow vehicles full width of the garage door opening.

You can hire lifting equipment from the above 3 types as per your lifting operation requirements. All the three gear types have different features, lifting capacities and thus associated benefits to deliver during a specific lifting practice.

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