Unique Gift Ideas For Your Family Members

7 Jul 2017

Your family is special and unique. All families have things in common, but each one is full of individual personalities that, brought together, create an exclusive unit with a character of its own. You want your gifts to your family to reflect the special blend of relationships and qualities that make your family different from everyone else’s. Whether practical, playful, or both, your gifts to your family can really shine when they express the individuals within it.

Here are some gift ideas that your whole family is sure to enjoy!

Family Mugs

Whether you choose photographs or adorable drawings of your family, personalized mugs will definitely get a lot of use! They can hold morning coffee, hot cocoa on those cold nights, chicken soup for the sniffles, or even a microwaved egg breakfast. Your family will always be thinking about each other with your “mugs” on mugs!

Custom Bracelets

Ordering custom bracelets online is as easy as making them up! Many sites offer them in a variety of styles, colors, and even materials, such as leather or rubber. You can write a custom message, decorate the bracelets yourself or use designs from the site’s gallery, and create a look that’s unique to your whole family! The sites often demand orders in small bulks (5-20) so these are even better for large families or as a souvenir of a large family gathering, like a reunion or a wedding, but even couples can get matching his-and-hers bracelets.

Family Card Games

There are a lot of family card games for all occasions. One route is standard cards with custom backs for classic games like Crazy 8s, Old Maid or Go Fish. These games also come in custom cards, with colors, numbers, and words, for little players to practice reading skills. Specialty games can have family members fill in blanks or answer personal questions, providing laughs and bonding during dinner or long trips.

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Family Members

Unconventional Jewelry

Everyone likes to have something that’s unique or one-of-a-kind, and jewelry is something everyone can wear. Both genders enjoy wearing bracelets, necklaces, and rings, and earrings are also easy to find. Sometimes jewelry with unique designs or personal meaning can have much more impact than spending thousands on an expensive piece.

Zoo or Museum Membership

For your little learners and a day for the whole family to enjoy, a membership to a local zoo or museum can be an awesome gift. Local parks and planetariums might also have programs families can enjoy. Local nature preserves have programs and classes, and there are history clubs all over, some of which have events where participants dress up in costumes. Families of film buffs can get movie passes, and sports fans can enjoy season tickets together. Don’t rule out the value of multi-player video games to unite the family against a dank dungeon or sci-fi space battle!

No matter what kind of adventures your family likes to have, there is something out there for them. Whether your family enjoys the outdoors, or likes to chill out inside, whether they’re into haute couture or like things abstract or antique, the perfect unique gifts are out there waiting to be discovered and given to those who mean the most to you.

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