Cloud CRM To Make Your Business Thrive

3 Jun 2017

Every company collaborates with a fair amount of stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners or business rivals. Personalized approach to each client significantly increases their loyalty. Cutting edge cloud CRM enables the use of such an approach when reaching out to clients – now you no longer have to keep in mind detailed information about a customer as all this data is carefully stored and well-structured in bpm’online CRM.

Intelligent cloud CRM is:

  • A smart client database;
  • Flexible customization of customer profiles according to your business needs;
  • History of interactions with partners;
  • Omni-purpose calendar;
  • Communication tools;
  • An option to download multimedia content and work files;
  • Tracking of financial situation, payments and debts.

Performance Capabilities of Cloud CRM


Intelligent bpm’online cloud CRM keeps all your data in the system what guarantees successful performance of your managers. With such an astonishing software, they are able to segment clients in groups and subgroups, conduct marketing campaigns, make personal offers and discounts for target audience.

The system has customizable templates of contracts; along with this a manager does not have to fill in data about a customer as this information is inserted automatically from a client database.

A customer profile can be extended with additional fields. Often, through the communication with clients a sales rep learns some important information about them, which later on may be used to improve customer loyalty and help your company to become more client-oriented. An intelligent cloud CRM collects all the information about a client in its client database like a birthday, hobby, or favorite vacation destination. Every meeting, telephone call, document sent and deal closed is safely stored in a customer profile.


With the smart cloud CRM you will regularly receive notifications about all the processes connected with clients: data change, a status update, outstanding and paid invoices and results of negotiations.

Bpm’online enables you to get relevant information about the state of commercial proposals, orders, deals and accounts. The system automatically notifies about any changes in documents: arrival of payment, alterations in an account, cell notation.

By integrating progressive cloud CRM you can track information updates about products and services, fresh supplies in a warehouse, disposal of commodities, and price variations.

Sales funnel

Purchase funnel is a tool that allows to estimate the efficiency and productivity of a manager or a whole sales department. A sales pipeline is presented in cloud CRM in a form of a diagram divided into several parts. Every part is a stage of a sales process: attraction, capture, education of users, conversion of sales, and after-sale support service. The diagram depicts a number of clients/deals, which have reached a certain stage over a particular period. Consequently, bpm’online can thoroughly analyze this funnel to help you understand at what stage of a sales process clients are lost and whose fault it is. Being aware of weak points of sales pipeline, your managers can deal with customer attrition more effectively and forecast sales more precisely.

Revenue Growth

Cloud CRM is easily integrated with your website, IP-telephony, email box, online consultant and other sources of leads (potential clients). All customer inquiries are automatically recorded in the CRM system and assigned to managers.

Having all relevant information about clients, a sales rep can form a suitable commercial proposal for them. Advanced cloud CRM finds a better way of communication with a client, develops a sales strategy and prompts relevant products or services. With the help of the bpm’online software the company converts leads into loyal customers and increases the number of cross-and upsell.

Bpm’online offers numerous reports, tailored for different users: business leaders, sales managers, marketing experts, financial specialists and so on. At any time you can have verifiable information about planned and actual values of sales, task accomplishment and implementation of business plans.

Insightful reports make it possible to get a clear vision of what your managers are busy with and compare the professional achievements of employees, departments and branches. The costs of staff wages are optimized with groundbreaking cloud CRM.  Truly genuine software even performs SWOT analysis, enabling your business to be much more comparative.

Bpm’online cloud CRM is a unique product developed to help a business prosper, expand, improve and increase market presence with a guarantee of sales increase at least by 40% annually.

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