Jewelry Decor: How To Incorporate Gemstones Into Your Home

27 Apr 2017

Different gems are ascribed different meanings. Some gems or crystals help soothe the soul; others evoke an aura of love or romance. While crystals and gemstones are often worn as jewelry, these beautiful baubles also can be placed within the home to enhance décor and create a unique ambiance.

Gems and crystals must be placed with purpose. Use colors of the stones to accentuate a room and to create an aura that reflects the individual and the function of the room. Remember that each gem holds a meaning and an energy. Use these energies as guidance when incorporating gemstones into décor.

The Library, Study or Office

Bookends etched from crystals create sensational structure against leather bound books. Amethyst is a budget-friendly crystal that also creates a compelling composite for bookends. The purple hue of amethyst is said to bring calmness, which is the perfect tone for a quiet library or study.

Citrine is said to be a prosperity stone. So those who deal in finance at the home office or study should incorporate citrine geode bookends to hold their business volumes.

Use a variety of larger polished gemstones as artful paper weights. Choose Tiger Eye for protection or Smoky Quartz for good luck.

Jewelry Decor: How To Incorporate Gemstones Into Your Home

The Living Room

The living room or recreational area of a home provides a vast opportunity to incorporate crystals and gems. Tables can be crafted from geodes and massive crystal formations to create a nature-based sculpture that bears the best of both form and function.

Use large globes created from quartz, amethyst, citrine or a personal favorite crystal to decorate shelves or mantles. Incorporate the energies of the crystals to set the tone of the room. For rec areas, choose gems that hold calming and soothing properties like amethyst. Sunstone and citrine also evoke happiness.

The Bedroom

Use crystals to channel love and romance. Sculptures or globes of rose quartz helps set the mood for love. Morganite also is said to attract your true love. Like rose quartz, Morganite is a soothing pink color.

In the bedroom, crystals also may be affixed to the ends of pull cords for ceiling fans to create a decorative touch. Scatter smaller crystal in glass bowls on nightstands or along window sills.

The Kitchen

Yes, crystals and gems may be incorporated in food central! Opt for spoon rests crafted from crystals like Agate. Opt to splash quartz all over the kitchen and use the lustrous crystal as a countertop surface. Or give positive energy to guests at dinner via geode serving bowls.

The Bathroom

Create a soothing retreat in the bathroom by setting crystals throughout the room. Set chunks of crystals alongside the bathtub for a splash of color and a sense of calming energy. Or opt for crystals that emit happiness or good luck. Use crystal geode bowls to store soaps or other toiletries for a touch of earthiness.

Crystals and gemstones can be creatively placed throughout the home to add energies and complement décor. Geodes and polished gemstones create a dazzling sculpture within a room while also bringing nature into the home. Choose crystals and gemstones that hold meaning and bring healing energies into the environment.

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