Depictions of Violence in Video Games?

12 Mar 2017

Just like films, video games can also be affected by signs of violence. Any concerned parent and teacher should be aware of how violence in video games can be particularly damaging. We should make sure that children and teenagers won’t be affected by violence in video games. It is often said that video games are able to contribute to highly aggressive behaviors. Inappropriate behaviors can result in many things, including serious injuries and some cases, death. In general, people under 18 shouldn’t play violent games. Many teens may argue that they have no intention to reproduce any inappropriate behavior in the game. But it takes only a small percentage of people to cause big damages and injuries. Some games like Grand Theft Auto and similar open-world games could induce poor behaviors among children. These games a larger freedom for players to do anything they want inside the game. Some interviews may show that there could be a connection between aggressive behavior and violent computer games.

Many people argue that they need to de-stress themselves, but it is important for them to be able to alleviate mental tensions using something that doesn’t expose them to violent depictions. Walking for 30 minutes in a nearby park should be good enough for a stress busting activity. Instead of playing violent action games, we may actually get better de-stressing effect by playing Zuma or other casual games on our computer. In fact, many people find that closing their eyes for 15 minutes is enough to alleviate effects of stress. It may not be possible to completely remove negative exposure, but video games can be seen as among the most serious way to expose children with many things. The root of violence is often violence itself, so by removing violent we are able to break the cycle. Instead of allowing children to play games that are potentially violent, we should show students how they can properly interact with friends or other people. Parents should personally teach children about critical life lessons.

If children lack proper relationships with real people, it’s easy for them to pick up negative behavioral traits from violent video games. Parents should be concerned when children start to have inappropriate behaviors after watching violent films or playing violent games. Many cases, children learn bad words and phrases through inappropriate games. It is important for children to know the real distinction between the reality and virtual world. Eventually, things they see and hear on these game will spill over into their daily lives. If children see something that’s out of ordinary, it’s more possible for them to remember that. It is important that parents are able to show children about the proper way to play games. Games can be fun and exciting, but excitement isn’t always equal to violent content. Violent behaviors are often the product to continuous exposure to inappropriate external factors. There are bad influences that can be avoided and prevented by parents and teachers.