How to Keep Your Classic Car Original?

11 Mar 2017

Classic car owners and collectors have different views and perspectives on how they should use and maintain their cars. For them, cars can be equal to their personal preferences. Many want big classic cars that show their manhood, while others choose classic cars simply for their nostalgic preferences. In general, it is recommended to keep the car original, despite their minor issues and patina. In many cases, significant changes could actually reduce the sentimental value of the car and people often appreciate things that still look original.Whatever our decision, we should treat the car with enough attention and love. There should also be enough knowledge, effort and commitment related to the car. In general, classic car collecting is a highly involved hobby. It’s only relatively expensive, but can also require more time and commitment. If we decide to keep our car original, we should make sure that it has all the standard parts specified by the factory. Any non-standard part could reduce the originality of our classic car.

Problems can happen when parts are no longer produced, especially if the manufacturing plant has been closed down or acquisitioned decades ago.There could be surplus original parts, but they can be very rare and expensive. Even so, for many classic car collectors; this is a risk that they are willing to take to maintain the originality of their car. They will feel plenty of satisfaction, once the parts that they sought after is discovered somewhere deep in an old storage facility. A small part that’s still in pristine condition inside the original packaging box can worth like gold. Things can be particularly made more difficult, because a part may have the same name and function; but minor changes could make them appropriate for only the exact year of production of the car. This further increase the rarity value of vintage car parts.When there’s no other way to find original part, we should consider whether it’s possible to refurbish and re-use old parts. If we do this, this won’t reduce the originality of the car too much.

There are different ways to ensure that we are using original parts. There should be matching serial numbers that are stamped inside the car with the parts that we will use. We should make a list of serial numbers and the name of the parts. It is clear that original parts can really difficult to come by. Keeping our car original will take a lot of time and money. Any claim of originality should be validated before we purchase the car. We should make sure that the car is using original parts and they are still in good condition. Even if it’s known that original parts are no longer available, we should make sure that refurbished parts still work properly. Any part that we use should be reliable and has identical functionality. Some parts could be obtained from abandoned cars that are dismantled for parts. Again, we can’t guarantee that these parts will work well. Car parts are similar like any consumables, they will degrade and need to be replaced.

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