Can Games Train Our Brain?

7 Mar 2017

Among the most common thing that people say about games is that they can improve the performance our brain. Degradation of brain performance is often an issue for many older people as they start to aimlessly wander because they forget where to put keys and other things. Just like other organs in our body, our brain will start to become less reliable as we age. Many people are concerned that they will finally reach a threshold where brain degradation starts to significantly affect their quality of life. Older people want to keep their brain sharp by performing various activities and other tasks that can stimulate their brains. In order to improve their brain performance, some older people could join a math course to stimulate their brain functions and keep themselves busy. Another thing that they can do is to play some brain fitness games that are available in various platforms. Today, the easiest place to find such a game is in various app stores. Google Play store and iTunes Appstore are the most common places to find great brain fitness apps. When choosing these games, we should make sure that they are challenging enough to keep us thinking continuously, without being too overwhelming that we are unable to make progress in the game. A good measure is that the game causes us to think more than reading websites and watching TV. The game should also be engaging and entertaining, so we will be eager to play it at least twice a day.

It is also quite easy to perform physical exercise using games. Wii is known for games that require gamers to move their body. It also has numerous games that can stimulate the brain, such as the Guitar Hero series. Older people should be involved in this kind of games at least once a day, so they can perform exercise for both their mind and body. There’s a concept called brain plasticity that older people should know. At any point of our lives, brain performance can actually be enhanced. This can achieved by stimulating our brain properly and we may tap into specific reserve in our brain. Our brain will be able to reorganize itself to deal with any challenge put upon it. Some new connections can be established, replacing old and weak connections. It is commonly believed that constant use of brain with emphasis on focus, concentration and problem solving could prevent Alzheimer’s Diseases and other cognitive deterioration issues. Older people will be able to delay or prevent the onset of brain issues. It’s still possible for older people to have a vibrant and dynamic brain. Just like a lush jungle, a healthy brain should have very dense connections between brain cells. Even if Alzheimer’s Disease starts to attack the brain, the establishment of many new connections will counter the symptoms and older people will have much better quality of life. Retirees who rarely use their brain could have more affected focus and mind.

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