How to Make Training Sessions Exciting?

23 Feb 2017

For coaches, it can be quite tedious to teach the same thing over and over again. If they do this all the time, it is quite likely for athletes to lose interest and get bored. Coaches should be able to come up with many different ways to improve overall skills. It is important to make athletes feel motivated and it’s not always an easy thing to do. In this case, instructors should always provide something new and take the team to a next level. In this case, it is important for coaches to change the training session properly. Coaches need to brainstorm multiple teaching methods and training drills. All details should be written down and there must be a starting point to organize training content. Training sessions should also be grouped into distinct categories, so athletes and players know what they should focus on in a training session. By understanding basic methods and training content, it should be easier for coaches to build their overall coaching repertoire. New drills and skills can also be incorporated more easily. The team should also have a monthly schedule to know what should be taught and trained in each session. Both coach and athletes should be able to focus on specific kinds of content.

By having a proper schedule, coaches and their teams won’t continue to focus on things that are the most comfortable for them. It should be much easier to expand knowledge and overall sports skills. The order of skills that are trained should also be properly optimized, so they will complement one another. There should be basic techniques that need to be focused, which can be expanded continuously. The focus and pace of the training sessions, should also be adjusted depending on the condition. Making training sessions different can be as easy as changing the pace and followed by adjusting the focus. There should be detailed explanations for each session and coaches should define points of each training session. Another good way is by asking athletes or players for feedback on what kind of training sessions they want. In this case, coaches can take the middle ground, by accepting some of the suggestions while ensuring that the pace of the training will not affected. Maintaining motivation is as important as ensuring that athletes or players have acceptable skill levels. Before important games, we need to make sure that athletes and players are happy and confident. This can be achieved through varied and exciting training sessions.

Two training sessions can be made significantly different by changing the context. Although both sessions may have similar theme, we can see both at different angles. As an example, we may teach the method #2 for the first training session, so athletes and players are familiar with it. In the second training session, we may expand the method #2 with different kinds of movements. We should look at different sets of movements to expands different methods used in specific sports.

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