How TV Addictions Can Affect The Whole Family?

30 Jan 2017

There are many things that can distract young children these days. Although many of them are addicted with game consoles, computers and mobile devices, TV can still represent a source of addictions among children. Unlike gaming platforms and computers, TV is much simpler to control and there’s almost zero interaction. After playing computers, many children enjoy watching TV for hours due to the comfort of watching passively without having to do anything. It means that children can suffer from dual or even triple addictions, which is a bad thing. Many parents find out how addictions can become really problematic for many children. Between game consoles, computers, mobile devices and TV; children could spend all the day inside the house without doing any significant physical activity or normal social interaction with friends. Children often find that cable TV is a magical thing, allowing them to choose many channels that match their appeals. With just a cable TV alone, children could spend a whole day and they can be even overwhelmed as they juggle between two or three channels at one time. Parents should be aware that children don’t always watch kids shows. They could be unintentionally exposed to harsh action scenes and some nudity as they switch between channels. This will increase the hazard of watching TV too much. Many children are exposed for the first time when watching TV, as they find out things they never know existed. Parents should be aware whether TV has consumed the lives of their children. If it happens, this will be quite difficult to handle.

Problems can happen inside the family when each member struggles with what channel to watch. The daughter may not get enough with Dora as she switches between channels to catch up with another episode. On the other hand, parents could also be eager to watch things that they prefer. This could cause each family member to silently come up with outfoxing one another, so they will be able to watch their favorite series. Even if parents manage to wrest the remote control from their children, it is very likely that kids will turn to their computers or mobile devices, which won’t solve the problem. Before installing cable TV, it is important that parents already instill strong outdoor behaviors for their children. It means that cable TV and any electronic device will only become occasional diversion and children will still prefer outdoor activities. In fact, many children are not aware that there are tons of possible diversions that they can get through outdoor activities. Often, parents realize their mistake when it’s already too late and addictions have set in among their children. In this case, it is important for parents and children to find something new together in outdoor activities. Quite often parents can find their new outdoor interests as well. Sometimes, parents find it hard to come up with outdoor activities that match their children preferences, so it is important to ask children what they want and parents may be able to define the most relevant, available outdoor activities in the local area.

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